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My Short Speech

I'm considering using a real short and direct speech I just wrote. I'm thinking it will cut through all the bull and really stand out.

What do you think?

I won't waste any of your time pandering like politicians do, because I have a well defined goal.

I am here to strictly uphold our law.

And when I say law, I mean the law of we the people, our supreme law. The purpose of our supreme law is to protect the natural rights, liberty, and property of us all from government, corruption, and tyranny.

This is the core responsibility of every single representative, all of which swear an oath to do so, but few of which have the strength and courage to honor.

As a United States Marine, I've already taken my oath and I honor it in the battle to restore our country and liberty.

It's really that simple. There's no need for extra fluff.

I will be an oath keeper for the rights of people, without compromise.

Thank you for your vote.

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