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Rnc Unit Rule 38 Misconception It Does Not Conflict With Rule 15 The Binding Of Delegates. They Are Bound The Info Is Wrong!

This should be front page because the misinformation about this rule could be a huge blow to all the work people have done to become a delegate and could destroy everything and all the work it took to get them to become delegates.

From www.delegatetraining.com

There has been a blog post that RULE 38 "THE UNIT RULE" ALLOWS any delegate to be free to vote for who they wish regardless of state party bylaws/party rule.

This has gone viral and the information is WRONG.

A complete explanation of how this info is wrong can be found here :


PS : I love how this post has been severly downvoted even though it is supported by 100% fact.

UPDATED : This post has nothing to do with abstaining or unbinding delegates, those are both seperate issues. This post was to clarify the misinformation that RULE 38 conflicts with RULE 15 it does not the way the state gets around the rule.

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Useless threads are useless

All delegates need to contact the state campaign coordinators for instructions about the game plan.

the end /

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an

Watch out Mr.

Connie the barbarian might call your parent. Better go play in your country club down the road instead of spouting bs. You will meet a lot more romney loving people there!
PS: How many SUVs could you park in your pool? It looks huge!
PPS: Check out this cool site: http://whois.domaintools.com/delegatetraining.com

Steve's wife?

is that Steve's wife?

Do you really think you're pulling a clever trick?

You made another fake ass site like you did with that Constitution asshole on the Cain site, WHICH you created too.

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Bump! This is important for

Bump! This is important for all who've been asking about whether delegates can abstain or must vote for the candidate they're bound to!

Are u a troll?

Like I said. All bets are off the table. We vote for Ron Paul no matter what. We can do what we want at a private club in which most people have to pay a registration fee to attend. Rules were voided when the RNC violated their own rules when they announced they will finance Romney before the convention. Keep fighting over rules while the criminals dominate every aspect of this dIscussion. They want u to think we don't have options. Sheep follow orders. I am not a sheep I will be in Tampa. If they try to arrest our delegates for breaking rules I will fight what about u? Nobody can stop a million irate people nobody. We will turn this place into another Egypt situation untill these crooks are locked up .

If rules and laws be damned...

... then how can we justifiably complain when the establishment locks doors, tries to adjourn meetings (King County, WA), lie, cheat, steal? Are we becoming just like them?

If laws don't matter, why aren't you grabbing a physical pitchfork and storming the castle? Why bother with an election at all?


The RNC rule and breaking a law are completely 2 different things. RNC is a private club you have to pay a fee to be a delegate. Not taking action to stop tyranny is like kissing the ring of your ruler. The cards are stacked against us they broke the rules we are just taking action to stop corruption in out own party. Being bound to vote is the same as a private contract not a declaration of a law. The only thing breakin your contract will do is being kicked out of the club. If ur people run the club then breAking contract is no big deal anyway. This is politics it's all a sham anyway . They declared Romney the winner since Iowa. The RNC broke rule 11 so we are not obligated to uphold our side of the contract . We can vote to unbind before the first round

More like kissing

the arse.

I keep getting hung up...

...on the Oregon statute being involved, not just GOP rules. I need to investigate what the statutes say; but would you agree that where state LAW is involved, we should be careful?


We should be carefull but we also have to show our power as well.

I also

Believe we shouldn't get too hung up on the rules ither. I think we should look at leagally of breaking a signed contract. How the party handles this issue. We may be liable for civil suits but not criminal. Abstaining to vote is just a ruse. The media keeps using the excuse that we lack what it takes to take action when that opportunity arrives. It's time to stop barking and actually take offense. Iowa is a great example up real action that is our ground work. I believe we may be able to lock a majority of states to unbind all delegates from all 4 candidates. Making it very hard for Romney to win 1144 he may get 900 most. Also there is a lot of dirt on romney and the Edward Falcon scandals if it turns out to be true. He might have disqualified himself in the first place. Especially if he picks jeb bush to be vp. If this story breaks before the convention there could be a vote of no confidence. Even biden is involved. We might be looking at a situation where before the election Obama and Biden win / then Biden gets taken down with the Romney / bush/ Biden scandal and obamas birth certificate situation Ron Paul might end up obamas vp and then run out obamas presidency to turn the government over to the people. This is 2012 people Ron Paul is the future we are the future. In 10 years time the world will look back on us and admit we were right. We will prove election fraud . We will peacefully change the views of powers that be. We will return to common sense. There will be peace on earth once again. Watch how quick Ron Paul will be president if they decide to attack Iran this country is sick an tired . Ron Paul has hope for the future we should too . All it takes is for Russia to defend Iran and for 1 civillian to die on American soil for all the couch potatoes and sheep grab anything they can and walk directly to dc and surround dc and instruct the police and military to arrest the criminals involved and it's all over . Our views have become mainstream now people are getting involved now

The Falcone money scandal is new to me

Hadn't heard about this one, but I have heard of Romney and his son being tied to Allen Stanford's Houston ponzi scheme. http://www.politicolnews.com/romney-son-investigated-for-8-b...

Falcone story http://contessaoneheartbeats.blogspot.com/2010/12/ed-falcone...

RP R3VOLution

Yes he is.


Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

All delegates

Need to contact the campaign's state coordinators or the campaign itself for a game plan once at the convention. Forget websites, forget rules that might or might not exist. The campaign and coordinators will have a strategy to follow once everything is in place. This is what delegates should be following. DO NOT POST here once you know what the campaign is planning to do. There are moles......

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

Bumping because this rule has

Bumping because this rule has now come up once again and MOST are wrong, please read this!

You are wrong

A majority can change the rules on the floor to unbind on first round. Private club that requires a fee to attend. We can do anything we want troll .

You have made one post in 2

You have made one post in 2 years and 5 total comments and you are calling me a troll?

This post has nothing to do with unbinding, it is to clarify that RULE 38 does not conflict with rule 15, the states don't violate the rule because all the delegates are not bound even in binding states.

If you can unbind the delegates at state great, you can even unbind them and the RNC convention, the delegates control the rules, that's how it works.

The above link does not link

The above link does not link to any rules. It leads to someone's opinion about the so-called rules. Even if it did link to rules substantiating the message one has to wonder and question if the GOP ever did follow any rules. So, if you have them, please post the rules themselves, supposing that is, there is someone in the GOP that respects rules (and laws).

You want the actual RNC CALL

This is not opinion, it is fact!

You want the actual RNC CALL clauses google it


You're proposing the info is incorrect

YOU find it.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I know for a fact that

delegates are not bound in Washington state and
Alaska.Don't know about the other states.

Ron can win washington too.

Ron can win washington too.


We have a real good chance here.

-quiet engineer

I'm unaware of the claim that the OP is refuting...

...by my understanding, the delegate strategy does NOT depend on the idea that a bound delegate can just choose to vote for another candidate: obviously not, otherwise they would not be BOUND.

But there are a substantial number of unbound delegates across several States, who, obviously are UNBOUND. And then there's the anticipation of a brokered convention, in which case all those bound delegates will (after a certain number of ballots, depending on the rules of the State from which they came) become UNBOUND.

The idea being to get as many Paul supporters into the position of national delegate, bound or unbound: whoever they might be bound to. We do this by showing up at the precincts and volunteering for the job, and getting enough votes to be elected (we the advantage because most of the supporters of other candidates have no interest in being delegates, and our people can easily win even in precincts where Paul loses the popular vote).

Then of course we also want to accumulate our own bound delegates: i.e. delegates bound to vote for Paul. And we do that by winning the popular vote.

Would you agree with that assessment OP?

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Yes I do agree, there are

Yes I do agree, there are several states that have unbound delegates but not nearly enough to seal the nomination.

Yes as many people as possible should become delegates.

Yes we want our our bound delegates as many as possible for Ron Paul.

well put, NowOrNever

Good post.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.



so let them get justice like we have to

Make them take it to the supreme court, by then everything will be over and done.

One persons take of what the law is is another mans garbage.

I see your point here, but since when do they play by the rules?

What are they going to do, take every delegate to the supreme court?

Play that out for me please.

If all delegates voted for Ron Paul, what would the legal problem be? How could they go after each delegate? would they nullify their vote? Is there any rule that says they can do that?
What makes the rule so golden?

I am not trying to trash you neverquit, i just want your input on that.

No Jurisdiction

The Supreme Court and all the other courts have no jurisdiction.

The GOP is a private organization, and they can make their own rules.

Who is the GOP? The members. Who makes the rules? The delegates who the members send to conventions to represent them. Who can suspend the rules? The delegates at the convention.

Note that you might be bound to vote for Santorum, but that doesn't mean you're bound to vote against suspending the rules to unbind delegates. This is why, be a delegate. I'm so tired of hearing that "not enough people showed up" to fill all the delegate slots.

I know it costs money and time to go to conventions, but it really is almost as simple as buying the election if you have the numbers to just show up.

The delegates of candidates who drop out may well be unbound (I'm not a Republican, so I haven't researched it).

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/