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I'm Outraged! Surveillance Drones Over U.S. To Be 30,000 By 2020!


We knew this was coming but it still makes my blood boil!! How can America not vote for Ron Paul? WAKE UP ALREADY!!!

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If this doesn't wake the

If this doesn't wake the sheep, nothing will. This country is done.

Cos Cob, CT

George was right

Outside, even through the shut window-pane, the world looked cold. Down in the street little eddies of wind were whirling dust and torn paper into spirals, and though the sun was shining and the sky a harsh blue, there seemed to be no colour in anything, except the posters that were plastered everywhere. The blackmoustachio'd face gazed down from every commanding corner. There was one on the house-front immediately opposite. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, the caption said, while the dark eyes looked deep into Winston's own. Down at streetlevel another poster, torn at one corner, flapped fitfully in the wind, alternately covering and uncovering the single word INGSOC. In the far distance a helicopter skimmed down between the roofs, hovered for an instant like a bluebottle, and darted away again with a curving flight. It was the police patrol, snooping into people's windows.

Surveillance is just the tip of the iceberg

I heard on coast to coast that these drones will be armed with all sorts of nasty weaponry -the machines are taking over..Land of The Free be damned..Arms Dealers be praised

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

I'll be outta here if this happens

Costa Rica here I come, or some other foreign mission field w/ my family

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


This need a new title

No Privacy ever again outside. No privacy inside ever again If your curtains are open. Surveillance Drones Over U.S. To Be 30,000 By 2020!

What's the Worry?

America will be bankrupt way before then and won't have the money nor support to pursue this foolish plan. Carry on.....

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Excellent. Thank you for flagging this...

This is what I wrote to my email group who has my ear:

Who needs Fascism or Marxism Lite (the current Republican or Democratic agenda, respectively)… when you could have full-blown Orwell??

Seriously folks…you can't make this up!!


Check out one of the comments (from an eloquent poster, not myself for the record) below the article. This one was particularly well said:

"With this, the NDAA and Patriot Act, along with our police around the nation now being trained as paramilitary and being given combat fatigues, I am compelled to say, lest we descend into a complete Orwellian tyrannical police state and abject slavery, it is now time to get rid of our present Congressional and Senate members and other national leaders voting for these things by any means at our disposal. This is it America, fight and live free, or live in cowardice and learn to lick the boots that will be upon your neck."

Extremely well said.

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.


Drones are being used in the UK to spy on farmers so what will they be used for in the US???Someone on this thread said that they are ok with them protecting the border but the border will be your front yard in Utah I bet!


when do we have our first drone strikes against "anti-govt extremists" ? and how much "collateral damage" will that cost ?
thats how it starts right, first surveillance, then strikes ?

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Read the article, people

This bill authorizes the FAA to create regulations for drones. Ron Paul would like to get rid of the FAA, and privatize air traffic control as many other countries have already done with stellar results. In other words, under a Ron Paul presidency, drones would be free to fly anyways. The important point is that massive bureaucracies who spend substantial resources in monitoring the public should not be allowed. Whether they use drones or not is irrelevant. Get your priorities straight people.

Seriously freaky

I just wrote an article about this if any are interested.

(links to how your reps voted in the article)

"Bill passed to put 30,000 drones in American skies by 2020 worries many"


by golly

I will knock the dust off my tin foil helmet and wear it with pride
F**k em all !!!

FBI : ‘Libertarians’ = Domestic Extremism

FBI Attempts to Make ‘Libertarians’ the Poster Children for Domestic Extremism


They also sound like Ron Paul supporters.

sorry, but we're getting EXACTLY what we deserve

These sadists will kick your pregnant wife, poison your children, assault your home, kill your dogs, debase your savings, etc.
What's the risk when they do these things ?
A law suit ? Paid leave ?
A vote in the next election ?

The "men" of this country have been TOTALLY emasculated.
And Jefferson had it right re the "tree of liberty".
They will stop ONLY when they are MADE to do so.
They will stop when we put down the purse and re-discover what MANHOOD is (and what it's for).

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves."
Edward R. Murrow

SteveMT's picture

Here is list of traitors who sponsored this bill: Almost all....

the same day, too, and nearly all unknowns.

The sponsor & 24 co-sponsors of this tyranny:
Latest Title: FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act

Rep Mica, John L. [FL-7] (introduced 2/11/2011) Cosponsors (24)

Rep Barletta, Lou [PA-11] - 2/11/2011
Rep Bucshon, Larry [IN-8] - 2/11/2011
Rep Capito, Shelley Moore [WV-2] - 2/11/2011
Rep Coble, Howard [NC-6] - 2/11/2011
Rep Cohen, Steve [TN-9] - 2/11/2011
Rep Cravaack, Chip [MN-8] - 2/14/2011
Rep Denham, Jeff [CA-19] - 2/11/2011
Rep Farenthold, Blake [TX-27] - 2/11/2011
Rep Gibbs, Bob [OH-18] - 2/11/2011
Rep Graves, Sam [MO-6] - 2/11/2011
Rep Guinta, Frank C. [NH-1] - 3/2/2011
Rep Hanna, Richard L. [NY-24] - 2/11/2011
Rep Hultgren, Randy [IL-14] - 2/11/2011
Rep Lankford, James [OK-5] - 2/11/2011
Rep Long, Billy [MO-7] - 2/11/2011
Rep Meehan, Patrick [PA-7] - 2/11/2011
Rep Miller, Gary G. [CA-42] - 2/11/2011
Rep Petri, Thomas E. [WI-6] - 2/11/2011
Rep Reed, Tom [NY-29] - 2/11/2011
Rep Rokita, Todd [IN-4] - 2/14/2011
Rep Shuster, Bill [PA-9] - 2/11/2011
Rep Southerland, Steve [FL-2] - 2/11/2011
Rep Westmoreland, Lynn A. [GA-3] - 2/11/2011
Rep Young, Don [AK] - 2/11/2011



..and marked to be voted out. Agree?

Funny, Todd Rokita sends me emails. Is he up for re-election?

Absolute power = Absolute corruption.

WAY too much power for any one to have and not abuse. That simple.

There is a Common Trait in ALL Articles Regarding the Drones

and that is there is NEVER a mention of a specific Senator or Representative who is sponsoring this bill or endorsing it. NO ONE wants to be associated with this bill, yet both Republicans and Democrats are supporting it.

I think this bill is proof that Congress is privy to information about the coming financial crash and they want to make sure that the "masses" are controlled and won't riot.

As Americans we cannot stand for this; if we do, it will only get worse!

SteveMT's picture

Good point: See the list of traitors above

The great majority are virtual unknowns in Congress.

I fail to grasp..

why our gov't officials don't wonder why all of these things aren't already laws. They act like it should have been this way all along. Like..."finally! now we don't have to deal with those pesky laws keepin us from ruling the world". The whole damn gov't is Mr. Burns...we have all the money in the world, but we'd gladly trade it all in for just a little more.

The bright side

is that soon, drones will become so numerous that they will have to compete with pigeons as the leading winged nuisance.

A 'War on Pigeons' shall be (un)declared. where the mighty robotic places shall crush our vermin infested enemies. Those old folks who seem to think that throwing bird seed near my feet is cute will finally get what's coming to them as well. How DARE they give aid to our enemies?


A signature used to be here!

It is OBVIOUS TO SEE that there will be MASSIVE ABUSES with

this technology. The person below made VERY GOOD examples of what just such abuses would entail.

Yet, if the MEDIA doesn't report & have their PUNDITS debate this in such a way that the PUBLIC understands the implications of this, then I don't know what to say. It seems that the only people awake are the Americans who support Dr. Paul, because THEY "get it". But, I just cannot believe how these Media journalists NEVER SEEM to get alarmed about anything. I mean, really, have you ever noticed that? It's as if they are under some mind controlling drugs, or something. It's weird.

I think it's more reason than ever to move to the country and stay out of living in suburbia just where I am. Crap.

I mean, this will be JUST ANOTHER MASSIVE BUREACRACY! Our government has GONE WILD, no doubt about it.

How are they going to pay for them?

Just print more paper!

9/11 - 3 Buildings; 2 Planes - Ron Paul 2012

Hackers will..

..have a field day with those drones. LOL!

God, I hope so!

It will be the next big thing for teen hackers. 'Lets see if we can make it hit that water tower!' Or make the cameras lock on to the sun! Loopty loops? Can you imagine the drone operators getting 40 bazillion pop ups on their monitors?! Bwahahahaha

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

Obama ....

is wasting no time, i see..

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

Here are some numbers

Area of the USA. 3.9 million square miles
Number of proposed drones: 30,000

Area covered per drone. 126 square miles.
Or parcel of land 11 miles x 11 miles.

Mate drones with RFID technology, and you'll feel the ground move real hard... Don't worry, it'll just be Ben Franklin rolling his grave.

If people don't start showing

If people don't start showing up to vote this won't stop. VOTE VOTE VOTE! Daily Paul comments and online polls won't win this

How long does it take until 1984 becomes The Terminator?

That's the only thing I'm wondering.

I'm guessing a 10 year gap.

The future is bright indeed...

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Foreign language

I've been slacking on my foreign language studies. Thanks OP, you have infinitely renewed my commitment.