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Remember Da Maine, eh! 2nd place overnight

Maine has not been penalized.
They have 24 delegates.
Am I right that winning these 24 would vault Dr. Paul into SECOND PLACE with delegates?
Good place to be waiting around for Super Duper Tuesday, eh?

It looks like out of the 14 other contests ending Super Tuesday: only 5 are

not proportional. (and only Az is winner take all.) Win your district people. It only takes 20 or so do it in most areas. But most important... become a delegate. Non-binding Caucus is an important set of words. Sure wish the DP would have a standing link in the title (like the bomb) to each state's process on how to be a delegate.

Honestly, I don't understand why CNN, Not-so-Clear Polly, NBC, etc... all have different delegate counts. Only proves I have company in ignorance.

Sure would be nice if someone someone would create an interactive spreadsheet so people could "play with" the assumptions and see the results. (Including the "bound delegate" rounds vs. "unbound".)

Still... looks like there isn't any reason to criticize talk about stealing the nomination. With no majority... any candidate could be characterized that way. That is "vote for who can win talk". Only Paul has a following who "won't move as a bloc". All the others are lemmings who will rally to defeat Obama.

Don't let the line fail. We are going to wait until we see the whites of their eyes. No need to get ahead of yourselves and fire shots in panic. This is modern warfare and we have a great contest that is proving the resolve of our Chief and his generals.

Peace from Galt's Gulch Missouri.

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10 delegates would be great

You're assuming that all 24 go to Dr Paul. Yet Maine's delegates are allotted proportionately. Perhaps 10 delegates from Maine? That wouldn't be bad at all.

I want a win in Maine so bad.

I want a win in Maine so bad.