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Ron Paul on John Gibson Show (Fox) -- This audio will make you fight HARDER !!

Has anyone had a chance to hear this incredibly ridiculous attack-interview of Ron Paul by John Gibson of Fox?

September 13, 2007 - Ron Paul FOX John Gibson (8 min):



(courtesy of www.ronpaulaudio.com )

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Osama Bin Laden & CIA

I think we need to look further into the association of Osama Bin Laden and our CIA, the history of there cooperation goes back to when the Taliban ( AL-CIADA ) worked together to fight Russia in Afghanistan.

John Gibson is not very popular and by his attitude with Rep. Paul it
shows not only how biased he is for our military interventions in foreign countries but it shows that he is ill informed on the issues to be able
to discuss them in an irrational manner.

Concidering the format Rep. Paul again did very well as usual.

In short on the CIA and Al-CIADA they were created the same as the Shah was in 1953 !!!!!!

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

Ron Paul with John Gibson interview

Ron Paul was right on target as usual. Gibson tried his tricks to put Ron on the spot with accusations but Ron did great and set him straight. Hooray for Ron Paul!! DO RUN RON


had to email gibson on this one


Your little chat with congressman Ron Paul was an utter disgust. It is just like you and your agenda to attack a man who is not payed for his rhetoric, and stands up for what he beleives in. You and your neo republican party, you call yourselves conservatives, since when do conservatives want big goverment and an north american union(SPP). Your attack on congresman paul was nothing but a recognition of his growing power and his inevitable place in the white house. You can no longer ignore him, and get used to real working class people like myself, fighting for the constitution and our freedoms that make this great country, great.


Ron Paul 08

Ron Paul 08

The email I sent him.

You were incredibly rude to the Congressman today on your show.

Any credibility you had with me, my family, and friends is gone. I will never take you seriously, and I will badmouth your show every chance I get.

You're not any more credible than Michael Savage.