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Can the Ron Paul supporters PLAY WITH THE BIG BOYS?

We are very passionate supporters when it comes to Ron Paul and Liberty, but can we play with the big boys during crunch time?

Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't.

In Nevada they had thousands of volunteers committed to go to the caucuses and vote for Paul, but only a tiny percentage showed up. Why? Was there too much info out there about how many people committed to go, and then people said to themselves that there was plenty and my vote wouldn't help? Could be

In 2008, we had a girl who was in our district that started with us from the very beginning at our meetup, and I mean within a month of Paul announcing he was running. Turns out she was a mole and turned on us at the district and state conventions, but she knew all our plans and strategies. She did so well, she is now a County Chair for the GOP and also a City Council member. Folks she lied - these people lie and you have to realize that. If you have a person in leadership and they did not donate to Ron Paul, I would question it. And you can find out by looking them up on the FEC site. Turns out she did not. The point here is be smart and realize that there are moles.

Dirty tricks by the state establishment - you bet they are going to play dirty tricks.

They are going to change caucus and convention sites, not publish them on the state GOP website, they won't answer calls etc. especially in smaller towns and rural areas where they know each other. They will try and disqualify you because you are a "known Libertarian" or donated to a Libertarian or a Democrat or supported a Non-Republican candidate
or any way to prove you are not a true Republican.
This is war and this is their club and you are trying to take it from them, they will do whatever they have to.

They are old and go to their Republican luncheons, and meets and clubs. Then they see a nose ringed guy with tats all over who is a Paul supporter and think - NO Way am I voting for Paul. Or they will be insulted that you show up to one meeting and push Paul on them, yet you never helped at functions or went to their events or helped in anyway. They DON'T trust you. So when a NeoCon (that they see every month) tells these people who are party members to vote for Romney or Gingrich, they trust and listen to them. You they do not. You will NOT sway these folks that are party regulars at conventions. These are the hard core of the hard core. Sure people who voted in the caucus (these are fair weather Republicans) they will listen to your passionate speech and they may change their mind, but party folk, the ones that go to County and State Conventions are going to look at you like your the devil. Don't even think you are going to get their vote. They will vote in mass on whatever their leader tells them to like zombies.

At the caucuses and the state conventions. YOUR ARE THE ENEMY, they want to crush you and demoralize you.

So when the caucus or convention starts out, you are in it to win it. You want the caucus, and state convention chair to be one of your own. You cannot be timid. When they say, "we already have a chair in mind", you tell them so do we and you vote and hopefully you have the numbers to win. The chair runs the caucus and conventions, they will allow certain things (within the rules) or not allow. They can make or break you from winning. So if you control the Chair, and lets say you want to be able to record the event, your chair will allow it, their chair won't.

Do NOT EVER TRUST that their chair will be honest - he or she is NOT - elect your own chair or maybe as a compromise a chair you can both maybe trust.

Now lets say you have the numbers and even the chair, if you don't know ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER like the back of your hand - YOU HAVE LOST. They will walk those rules around you in circles. THESE are the BIG BOYS, they are state senators and state Reps that deal in Roberts Rules of Order everyday they are in session. They know their stuff. But you are in college, you can crush them if you know your stuff too - you can think faster and more creative - but you have to learn Roberts Rules.

The most important thing, is THEY WILL show up. They know the usual number of people that show up, they know how many they need to win, and if they see a bunch of Paul people, they will call in reinforcements before the caucus or convention starts, so go in stealth until after the convention starts.

Social media, every say that Republicans suck, or you voted for Obama or a libertarian? They will find it and use it against you - it is the big brother and you people who use facebook etc. need to be careful what you say. Somebody on your facebook page could be one of them, and they will print off anything to get you disqualified. The Daily Paul was used against us in Missouri - they took things off of here that was against the Republican Party and read it in front of the district convention delegates. Now do you see why its important to elect the Chair and palimentarian?

#1 - You have TO SHOW UP, and you want 30 percent more than you actually need, saying they will go. In 2008 we had around 300 committed to going to our county convention/caucus - We ended up with about 150. This year we NEED 1000, so we need to have 1300 committed.

#2 Be prepared - have someone that can be Chair and parlimentarian known ahead of time. By the way, they will fight like dogs to not let your Parlimentarian win.

#3 Be an expert and Roberts Rules of Order

#4 Be Ruthless

#5 Volunteer to run the event - you need to do this ahead of time. You nose ring guys and tattoo people, don't bother they won't need YOUR help. ;-(

#6 We (Paul supporters) did a mock convention, so everyone knew what was going to happen and would be less than starry eyed when they attended these things.
You have to realize, if its the first time you ever attended one of these, you will be somewhat dazed.

If you manage to master all of the above, you might win one for Ron Paul and America.

There is much more to know, but don't be discouraged by this, be encouraged that you have more knowledge about the situation and how to win.


Sorry for all the spelling errors, I am doing this on an iPad and it makes it hard proof read.

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I agree prospector

humility and graciousness go along way

I hope people keep bumped

I was thinking about putting on a MOCK national caucus/convention that we could have on a live stream so everyone can see how these things, work and what some tricks are.

I will talk with others in my area, we may need a chipin to make it go

excellent idea..By the way I

excellent idea..
By the way I don't know if you know you can use www.livecage.com for video streaming live for no charge.. And while you re organizing the event, you can use their group chat, to have 10 people video conference for free... I think it would be very usefull

Thanks for the info

I have a few extra days off in Feb, I will see if we can get this done on a national basis.

Let me know if I can help in

Let me know if I can help in any way...

ooohhhh.... I like that idea!

ooohhhh.... I like that idea!

Yeah, that rocks

Let's do it!

I have always wondered

why we have not done this in the 4 years between elections. With all the videos that have been made on here you would think there would be a complete course on Roberts rules.

Maybe raise money and hire some parliamentarians and get it professionally filmed.

Us internet bugs are visual beings!

This didn't stay up for

10 seconds, rebump for good info

Read Joeinmo/Bump

...first hand witness, verified by a long timer. Great info. And, the title? Exactly!