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Paul Backers Ruffle Local GOP Feathers (Maine)

WESTBROOK – The Westbrook Republican Committee has chosen its delegates for the state convention slated for May in Augusta, and a number of Ron Paul supporters are certain to be among them, after what local Republican Committee Chairwoman Rose Marie Russell described as an aggressive effort by Paul supporters at Sunday’s caucus....


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its going on everywhere all the time

The R3volution is winning over the GOP! Peacefully!

Now its on us to get the majority backing in americas neighbourhoods!

The mass media and establishment is controlling the information of the masses.


Freedom, Peace and Liberty!

Get in there and ruffle!

I love good sales skills!


Love the hypocrisy

Apparently it's okay for the media to blackout Ron Paul and for the GOP establishment to treat him like a red-headed step child but when we fight back they cry "it's not fair!" What goes around, comes around! RON PAUL 2012!



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Why is it

so objectionable to be vocal at an event like this? It is OUR government that we are choosing. If we are not "enthusiastic" about making changes, than we are nothing but zombies.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhh! People are trying to study."

“Hey you crazy Paul supporters, GET OFF MY LAWN!”, said the geriatric and visionless representative of a dying political party to its newest and most enthusiastic volunteers.

Paul ante portas.

That's what they want..

People who don't make waves and go along with whatever they say since they are the Republican entrenched group.

Fuck them.. Raise some political hell.. Get people excited.. When they have their caucaus and want to take it to another room. Say "No, do it here. Where everyone can see." Raise hell if they try to get out of it.

I'm trying to secure a vote and get my guy in office, not there to smooth republicrap nerves.

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"Many analysts

have described Paul as a spoiler"...nice article (not).
Here it comes.