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Maine exit polls

I read the Ron Paul campaign is organizing to hold our own exit polls to ensure votes are matching up with official numbers. I hope so. I think this is very important for Maine.

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Watch the Vote 2012

Those that are at the caucuses are reporting the results.There are multiple people calling in results from the same precincts which is a way to check for accurate numbers. They are also taking photos of the official tally sheets at the precincts.

If you are in Maine, PLEASE take a moment to call in the results! Hotline: 513-878-0378



Thanks Maine

I want to thank all Ron Paul Supporters in Maine and also at CPAC. I saw the videos of Ron's stops week before last they were inspiring. Again Thanks for joining the Revolution.

Brevard Times: Rev Pac to conduct exit polls


Thursday, February 9, 2012Ron Paul Super PAC To Conduct Exit Polling At Future Elections
The Ron Paul Super PAC known as 'Revolution Super PAC' announced in a press release that it will conduct exit polling at the future primary and caucus elections to ensure against voter fraud after voting irregularities occurred during the Iowa and Nevada caucuses.

“Revolution PAC finds the litany of dissimilarities surrounding several ballot counts, suspect state party resignations, voters being asked to sign ‘religious declarations,’ in addition to precinct totals outnumbering actual registered voters documented by county election officials to be outrageous, unacceptable and patently un-American,” explains Revolution PAC Chair Gary Franchi. “This is no way in which to conduct any election, let alone a presidential primary nominating process.”

Revolution PAC, aided by a nationally recognized research firm with more than 60 years of experience in the political process, will have boots on the ground in several of the upcoming states prior to Super Tuesday March 6 serving in both poll watching and exit polling capacities according to the organization's website.

“Going forward,” continues Franchi, “we will be ready to take immediate action and challenge any irregularities.”

Posted by Brevard Times at 3:36 AM

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"the Ron Paul campaign is organizing to hold our own exit polls"

the revolution superpac will do that.
but even the superpac can NOT go into the PAST.
So, NO not the campaign and NO not Maine.

Please stop the disinfo on this site & the consequential frustration!!!!!

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Yes they are, I was there.

Yes they are, I was there. RP supporters are keeping track of the straw vote tallies and sending it to the campaign headquarters in Maine.

Rev pac

Revpac came out with this over a week ago, whats the big deal. You don't necessarily have to poll EVERYONE to have an accurate poll. It's just a way to get a feel of the direction of the votes. Everyone calm down.

60% of the vote is already in

A little late for exit polling. If there is any truth to this story it may be that the campaign is monitoring the count at as many caucuses as possible.


Where did you read it? Thank God! This needs to be done from here on out. Get the meetup groups together and do it. The Campaign says it's doing it, awesome but do we know for sure? So in the meanwhile WE NEED TO BE DOING IT! So everyone get your meetup groups together and start doing this ASAP!!!

Maine has a small enough population

to do something like this. If I'm the establishment, I'd let Paul win Maine to keep a potential lawsuit from shining light on other potentially nefarious activities.

Maine is not an ordinary caucus

They have been caucusing in different locations on different days. Saturday will be the last day as I understand it. If you wanted to do exit polls, they should have been started last weekend. Participants that have already caucused have been told to not divulge the results until after the caucuses end on Saturday. Exit polling is most likely not allowed.

Exit polling at Nevada and Iowa would have been great. Exit polling in Primary states like SC would have also been good. I hope they have the troops in place in VA & AZ.





Take a video camera

You can simply say.."If you just voted for Ron Paul and you are proud to be a true American, raise your hand". Document everything! The only way to combat a criminal act (election fraud), is to compile evidence.

Participate in America's future- Research Ron Paul- Truth will Prevail! You too, will be proud one day, to be able to say: "I was a Ron Paul supporter."

bingo! My suggestion was to

bingo! My suggestion was to get the Ron Paul voters to sign their names to verify they voted for him, but video proof is always better.

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A Commercial Affidavit of Truth.....

Would be even better. It's a lawfully binding Contract. However, it must be notarized and then accordingly recorded at the County/City Recorders Office. This will make it unquestionably lawfully/legally binding. There is no legal document more powerful ( with the exception of the Constitution).

The only problem with this is that the power structure is not

at all threatened by the court system which overlooks the GOP power structure and their crimes. You must remember that the courts will never side with Dr. Paul as he looks to cut their cash cow of victim-less crimes. Do not count on any local establishment figures to hold others accountable, it is a big tent and they are all in it thick as thieves.

Always remember:
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