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Paul responds to Hezbollah's presence on the US-Mexican border

Paul’s official statement clearly shows he considers the border to be a critical security issue:

"Controlling our borders is one of the essential Constitutional functions of our government, and one in which we are clearly failing. It makes no sense to me that we pay more attention to the borders between Pakistan and Afghanistan than we do to our own borders here at home. If elected President, I would move to quickly end foreign nation building efforts and use many of the resources we waste playing world’s policemen to control our southern border. We cannot have a strong national defense without a secure border, and we must take decisive action."


Heck Yeah! It's about time we stopped messing with others and took care of our own southern borders.

No more americans should be beheaded.

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I don't get the Hezbollah part.

Hezbollah[1] (Arabic: حزب الله‎ ḥizbu-llāh(i), literally "Party of God") is a Shi'a Muslim militant group and political party based in Lebanon. It receives financial and political support from Iran and Syria, and its paramilitary wing is regarded as a resistance movement throughout much of the Arab and Muslim worlds

Being it's a political party, what's it's doing in CA, AZ, NM, TX????

I could see the Taliban...

After all we've had American Taleban, Johnny Walker Linhd, and Jose Paddilla (Heroin Mules who got caught), and it's my understanding that our War on Drugs = prison system has been developing "Taleban", because the war on drugs is racist, victimising Hispanics and Blacks, and many Blacks have been leaning to Muslim Religion because Christianity has failed them in helping them and their families emancipate themselves from the gangs and drugs.

I'm really shocked to see Hezbollah mentioned, except, the USA desires a war on Syria and Iran, so "bringing them the USA soil" gives the MIC the excuse they are seeking, for not just attacking Syria and Iran, but to place UN/ NATO troops on our borders.

It could be

There are certainly a lot of people and groups itching to get us into another conflict. But either way, Hezbollah is down there. It probably isn't an accident that in recent years the drug cartels picked up the habit of beheading people - well where did they learn that from? Hezbollah and other terrorists seeking to make their way into our country. We don't need any more wars because of this. We need to seal the border to everybody who isn't asking permission to enter and that would solve a lot of these problems.