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Video Update: Ron Paul on CNN / Wolf Blitzer Feb 9

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I get the feeling that Wolf

I get the feeling that Wolf is starting to like Ron Paul. At the beginning of this campaign he was very critical of Ron Pauls ideas and opinions. Always interupting him and saying "what if this?" "what if that?" Now hes not criticizing any of his answers and is in alot of ways hes giving Ron Paul questions in a way that is helping people watching understand him. Is anyone else getting that impression?


They've been awfully more sympathetic to the Ron Paul campaign and allowing Paul to have crazy airtime... And not just airtime, we're talking airing his full speeches, or airing the RP supporters talking in Nevada in the caucus, on and on...

Either they're coming around, or they know we're watching CNN more because of it and that's good for ratings.

Is Wolf coming to his senses

Is Wolf coming to his senses or are we just really effective supporters?

Since Obama took office, why is the stock market up so much?

What an idiotic question. Does anyone actually believe the economy has improved since Obama took office? Since Jan. 20, 2009 Obama inauguration:

Dow jones: 54% increase

Federal debt: 44% increase

Crude oil: 51% increase

Gold: 102% increase

Dow Jones Priced in hard money (gold) continues its decline.

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Yeah, that's like saying

Yeah, that's like saying oohhh why did 2008 happen? The stock market hit record levels right before the crash. How stupid.

Clear and concise as always.

Clear and concise as always. None of the other candidates come close to his knowledge on economic policies.

I have spent thousands of

I have spent thousands of doll-hairs and hours supporting the campaign since '07. We have people on here, RPF, around the country, on Twitter, Facebook, PFH, and had a small army of activists to help the campaign move into Maine like a bunch of OWS protesters ...and I have just one question.

Why the hell is Ron in TX? The interview could and should have been done from Maine.

You know, if we can't win the 14th Congressional District area of TX we might as well quit. Furthermore, that's weeks from now.However, there is the issue of concern in well, let's see ...40 MORE STATES that might be a challenge outside of Texas???

I could understand it when we had a lot of states caucues and primaries all around the same time, but (as much as I can't stand him) Frothy is kicking our butt in terms of retail politics in these caucus states that are supposed to be our "strategy". He spent 22 days in MN,MO, and CO. We could probably count the days we spent on one hand. We can't expect to go up against the entire establishment, fly up somewhere, have a couple of rallies, and then be AWOL largely the entire week before the vote.


Go to the Doug Wead and Rachael Maddow debate on Daily Paul.

Your fears will be put to rest. I have shared your anxieties because I have forgotten - at times - how this election works. Ron Paul is doing fine. Although I - like you - would sure like to see him win some straw polls.

Chill out people. The

Chill out people. The delegate strategy is working. Keep voting, keep becoming delegates. Perhaps Paul is in Texas to gather up some more resources or funding?

Do you not think Ron knows exactly what he's doing? Have some composure. Don't worry about him, just do YOUR part.

He'll be in Maine tomorrow

campaigning all day. But I agree, he could spend more time in states we need to win.

I have not seen any mention of this story on DP

Not real sure what the guidelines are reference new topics so I'll leave it up to you to decide if this is worth posting or if it has already been introduced (though I couldn't find it)...Last night on Piers Morgan Dan Rather was interviewed and this is the headline that is not being picked up by any main news outlets...



Vote up for worth posting.

Bump. IMHO you should do it, Liz. It would be of interest to DPers.

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Great find!

Deserves another thread of its own.

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OBM-care mandates against Church's teachings,

personal religious convictions & individual choices VS Ron Paul's legal & moral defense of people's individual, voluntary choices.

The battle line is drawn for November. *We *are *ready*!

Sweet Sassafrassy!

I enjoyed that spectacle very much.

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My favorite part...

Wolf Blitzer: You say the system is about to come crashing down. If you look at the last three years since president Obama took office..uh you look at the Dow Jones uh uh the Wall Street numbers they’ve really gone up a lot from under 7000, 65, 6800 to over 12000 approaching 13000. Why are these numbers so good right now?

Seriously...coffee EVERYWHERE.

I wonder........

why Ron Paul did not mention he was purposely not invited to CPAC this year. Do you think he did not want to start a fight with them? It was reported weeks ago that Ron Paul purposely was not invited. Last year members complained that if Ron Paul got invited again they would not attend. I just think it would be fair of him to say they did not invite him to speak.
CPAC wants social issues and Neocons to be speakers. Real life long conservaties need not attend.

Just curious if Ron Paul will even show up in the straw poll this year or they wont allow that either.

I just wish he would have pointed out how ridiculous they are but I guess he is the better person.

maybe because that wasn't the

maybe because that wasn't the case? maybe he was invited and decided not to go so he could campaign?

threw away my tv

long time ago... and have no u.s. programs anyway (germany). so i'd like to know: are the other candidates also campaigning this hard? are they giving that much tv interviews themselves? (or even more?) and how convincing are they in such interviews (to the simple minded, undecided etc...) would be interesting (even funny) to watch a santa interview for comparison...


From what I've seen they

From what I've seen they hardly answer questions on LIVE TV. Especially Santa.


Damn!!!! Hit it out of the park!!!!

Wow... what a great

Wow... what a great interview. I'm so impressed that Dr. Paul was allowed to present his arguments in their entirety without being interrupted and the questions asked allowed him to shine. Fantastic.

Yea he is turning into a Ron

Yea he is turning into a Ron Paul supporter but you can tell he is almost having to keep that act on That he isn't and it's starting to get to him! He was being nice for once but he is not paid to be nice i don't think his boss's liked that! send him some positive feedback! Thank him for a great interview. Even Ron Paul seemed shocked at the end.

yeah noticed that silent

yeah noticed that silent baffled grin, hehe


The contraception issue is a good one

to point out to those Christians who want to use Federal mandates to change people's behaviour or forbid certain behaviours. As Dr. Paul has said this will be a two edged sword that will cut into Christian liberties when it is used against them.

This issue demonstrates this clearly. There are others that can be brought up like prayer being banned in schools and even now in public forums like some legislatures. Christians want to use the law to change morality but what happens then is that people with a different morality can use the law to compel Christians to act in ways they do not agree with. This is why Dr. Paul voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, to prevent same sex marriage being forced on the Christian community as is happening now in Scotland.

This is Santorum's real Achilles' Heel with the evangelicals who support him. He is promising Federal mandates to stop certain behaviours. If we can demonstrate how this thinking works against the Christian community perhaps a light will go on in their minds.

Dr. Paul is so absolutely right on these things. The more I hear what he is saying the more I agree with him.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Blitzer's flat affect.

I've often wondered this about Blitzer. His face, his facial affect is completely and totally flat.

While we are all familiar with the wide range of unsupressed emotional and genuine facial affect of Ron Paul, (normal affect), we can clearly see that throughout the ENTIRE 9 minute segment, Bliter's facial affect is completely and totally FLAT.

This is a strong signal for any psychologist or psychiatrist that the person you are dealing with ... is nutso bingo ... or on very, very heavy psychotropic drugs ... or both.

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it's cause he must not show

it's cause he must not show his opinion. but looking at how he ran the interview you might conjecture he likes paul.


Maybe he's a robot.

Maybe he's a robot.