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Are You a RONVERT? Breaking up with Obama, Rebouding with Ron Paul!

GOOD NEWS - February 9, 2012

In 2008, Moses Caballeros was a 21-year-old activist in New York City who couldn’t wait to cast his first presidential vote for Barack Obama. He canvassed around Harlem, he proselytized to his friends, he attended rallies and meetings downtown. Coming from a family of hardcore Puerto Rican and Brazilian-American Democrats that voted for Charlie Rangel every election cycle, he “really couldn’t give a fuck about a Republican.” He was happy that Obama planned to get our troops out of Iraq. He liked the sound of making government more transparent.

“I really loved the idea of finally becoming part of the political process,” he says. “Like it mattered what I thought about government issues.” The fact that Obama was biracial topped it off. For his Harlem neighbors and family members, having a president of color “was monumental,” Moses says. “It felt important for us to back him. I thought he would support us.”

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Yes, that part is great!

If he was only given a chance by the media and by the GOP, it would be amazing to watch so much of Obama's support come over to Ron Paul!!


“It was kind of like a culture shock, to hear all that stuff about the Constitution,” Caballeros explains. “He seemed like the only candidate that was being absolutely and utterly honest. It was almost like I was falling in love.”

Wow. LOVE IT!!!

Hindsight is 20/20

Theres no dishonor in wanting what Obama promised in '08. People were working with the information they had at that time and wanted only what was best for the country. Obama supporters wanted then what we want now. They can still have that with Ron Paul. I have nothing but respect for the Obama people coming to our tent. Our tent is big and our arms are open.