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MSM delegate count tables are a joke, so I made my own

One that actually shows delegates that will be won at regional and state conventions in caucus states rather that using "estimates" that just blindly award them to Santorum.


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buh-bye FOX!

Now I have no reason to watch your crappy network. And should anything interesting come on I'll catch it later on YouTube.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Thank you for this!!

Thank you for this!!

This whole delegates thing

This whole delegates thing seems like a Red Herring to me.

So, Ron Paul has 8, The Grinch has 29, and Romney has 75?

Doesn't look good for Paul. I don't see how he is going to catch up. And when the Grinch drops out, they aren't going to Paul either.

I think what he is showing is that 95 unpledged delegates...

exist. Now, who are these people and who is their preferred candidate? And more importantly, if "certain types" keep running for, and get elected as delegates....and then can claim a majority for voting purposes....then what are the possibilities of various Motions from the floor that are seconded?

Well: votes of "no confidence" in leadership and the nomination of their ultimate replacements; votes for the replacement of officials in charge of various things..like ballots, counts, recounts; votes for rule changes; votes for policy changes; votes for platform changes....

Are you getting the picture?

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Exactly, and maybe a table

Exactly, and maybe a table wasn't the best format, especially the way it had candidates on rows and unpledged on another column.

A simple pie chart, or percentage breakdown:

Gingrich 13%
Paul 4%
Romney 33%
Santorum 1%
Unpledged to Date 48%

Thank you for your work.

It's nice, but~~~those are the same totals that the networks are reporting. Hmmm.

I know!

Now, who are these people and who is their preferred candidate?

I'm not sure. But I'm making sure I'm going to be electing some of those 95 in a few months.

I am not sure,

if you have understood the system...

my Ron Paul video collection:

(4 years RP, over 2300 videos)

Because 100 are unpledged,

Because 100 are unpledged, duh!
And 2,000 yet unelected.

"Romney has 3.3% of all delegates, lets panic and surrender!!!"

thank you PMix

I bookmarked this please keep it updated
thank you again

Thank you,

for your work!

my Ron Paul video collection:

(4 years RP, over 2300 videos)

Great work

Please keep it updated and post back after each contest!


You should have your own TV show for attempting to fairly determine the truth. That was the whole purpose of the media in the first place.

"The media outlets are political front groups which originate from the state department."
- Unknown Author

you rock!

you rock!


Reposted on my FB wall, thanks for all the work you put into it. Very user friendly

RP R3VOLution

Only thing

I'd make a note of in your excellent table is the Florida delegates. The RNC also makes note of this in it's tables.

Basically, Flordia not only violated the GOP's rules by moving their primary up, they also violated the GOP's rules about how to assign delegates. Because Florida moved up their primary, they have to assign delegates proportionally, not winner take all.

This will be hotly contested during the RNC.
I'd suggest just making a little * annotation on it.

There's only one penalty

Even though Florida had two violations. They violated both the timing and the allocation method. Each violation individually has a penalty of losing half their delegates. But the RNC didn't provide for a steeper penalty for a state violating both. It would make sense to simply use the delegate credentialing process to require Florida re-allocate them proportionally, but unfortunately the RNC convention is in Florida this year and the leading VP contender is the Senator from Florida, not to mention the Romney campaign will be marshalling its establishment backers against any change. So the chances of punishing Florida further are minimal.

What your saying

is true - but the delegates can still be contested at the Convention in Tampa.
We should be prepared to make a motion on the floor to have those delegates split proportionally.

Even the RNC's own delegate website notes this, so I thought I'd suggest it for his as well.


Thank you for the superb job! I have not found any errors in that table and will henceforth use it as the official count. Bookmarked!

Same number the RNC has

The Paul campaign needs to mention this when they are on TV interviews and tell the person doing the interview that his station needs to correct the misleading delegate counts. FOX, CNN, MSNBC, we know you are lying to the nation.

Thanks for putting it together. Time to share it with everyone. Win MAINE, Win Virginia. Win the rest of the states!!


How is Dr. Paul polling in

How is Dr. Paul polling in Texas, btw? Texas will be key for winning the nomination.

Same thing in Austin..it's

Same thing in Austin..it's Paul and Obama stickers everywhere, with Paul actually leading. Ron Paul owns Austin, he owns Dallas, and he owns his district. As for North and West Texas, it's probably Santorum or Gingrich.

Here is one

But Rick Perry had 18%, so that vote is up for grabs. Good news is that Romney was only at 24%. Santorum beats Romney head to head there, and we know Dr. Paul will have his dedicated constituency, so it's a toss-up for sure at this point.


I havent seen any recent polls...

But I am starting to see a lot more RP number stickers here in Houston

I've only seen Paul and Obama

stickers here in Dallas. One large Paul poster was on a home across the street from Jerry Jones's home (Cowboys owner for those that don't know).



Keep it up to date!


Nice work indeed.

Will Do

The popularity of it here has already made me decide it's worth my time to go through and add in all of the delegates from future states that fall into the unpledged categories.

Plus, I'm curious how many total delegates are unpledged and thus could be the people who determine if there is a brokered convention or not.

PA delegates are all unpledged.

that's 71 delegates.

To spread it further?

And why not email reporters who cover the election? They are not all evil, you know. Often they are just uninformed. And they love having someone else doing their job for them, too. At least local media could very well publish these numbers.