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Ron Paul Swag is the WORST!

I placed an order for a "Who is John Galt?" T-shirt on January 11th. A week or so went by without any kind of shipping notification. I log in to my account and see that the order is On Hold. Another week or so goes by and still nothing. So I use their contact form to check the order. Nothing. I send it again a few days later. Nothing.
I have now tried to contact RonPaulSwag.com at least 4 times via their own sites contact form and received no response.
I wondered if I was alone in having a negative experience with Ron Paul Swag and when I checked this site, I learned that I was not alone at all.
I decided to give them one more chance when I saw their customer support email in a similar post. So I just a few moments ago tried to email them directly and got a failure notice. I checked the spelling and everything was correct.
To all Ron Paul fans, these people do not deserve your business. I have begged repeatedly to just cancel my order and issue me a refund, but I have received no reply in a month.

Order number: 1000016513

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nope, you are not alone,

nope, you are not alone, that's what they're good at, high prices, slow response, sometimes no response at all.

buy from the campaign store

its not as vast with the options but at least they get your stuff to you and it goes directly to the campaign(as far as i know)

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