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Maine caucus results- Ron Paul is winning!

Caucus's reporting so far: 44% Paul, 37% Romney, 10% Santorum and 8% Gingrich. http://watchthevote2012.com/ To all "Boots on the Ground" in Maine, help document and report the vote. If you have already had your caucus, please call in the results to the hotline: 513-878-0378. If you have not caucused yet please photo the official precinct tally sheet and call in the results.

Unfortunately there seems to be some, even within the Campaign itself, as hard as it is to believe, that do not want an honest, transparent vote count and reporting of the vote. Who can be opposed to more transparency in regards to voting other than the enemy?

After speaking with Ron Paul's brother Wayne about this today, he said "Who can be against transparency in regards to vote counting and reporting?" He fully supports the efforts of http://watchthevote2012.com/ He also assured me both Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul ABSOLUTELY feels the same way, in regards to transparent vote counting and reporting !

I also spoke to the Maine GOP office today and asked them if they will be posting ALL the results Saturday, precinct by precinct, on their website? They told me they are talking about doing that now. Well, I will not hold my breath, LOL.(The Iowa GOP said they would do that 4 years ago and then a day before the Caucus, they reversed themselves). I ended the conversation by letting her know there are grass root groups that are doing this and saying "The more transparency the better, right?" To that she seemed reluctant but said yes.

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How ong does it it to count votes ?

I mean whats taking so dam long in counting the vote in Maine ? I've been watching the same number of votes for each candidate as the precients reporting in continues ? On Google , it's 83.7% reporting while at other websites , 90% of the vote is in the the vote totals are still the same ? Another Ron Paul Vote Robbery ?

Paul rides the Skies from Nashville TN. to San Diego Ca.

If Paul wins Maine today I will vacation there this summer for the first time.I was in San Diego CA. last week.I saw Ron Paul signs and stickers around.I went to Mount Julian to get a home made slice of Moms restaurant famous pies.On the road up to Mount Julian I saw the biggest Ron Paul sign in someones front yard on that highway to Mount Jillian.At Moms restaurant I saw a Ron Paul sticker on the outside of Moms near the roof.Somebody worked hard to get that sticker their. WhenI flew from Tennessee to San Diego.The Nashville TSA gave me a rough time even when I went Thur the X ray scanner.My wife refused the scanner and opted for the pat down.The TSA did not like that since everyone now is fooled to go though the scanners. I believe that's what cause me to be patted down after the scanner.They took a swab to my fingers.I don't know for what.Probably I am in there DNA files now.On the Jet plane I put Ron Paul super brochures in the magazine holders.Coming back from San Diego I had a young woman sitting in front of me.She was waiting to board a plane.She had on relovelution Ron Paul shirt.I told her I voted for Paul in Florida along with my 81 and 76 year old mother who also voted for him.I asked her if she read the Ron Paul super brochure.She said no.I gave her several.I ask after she read one if she could leave them on her plane .She said she most certainly would.Ron Paul rides the skies.

Money talks and dogs bark

Haha that's great

When you were here, did you see my bus?


Whenever I travel in it I get AMAZING response! And when I'm walking around in one of my many RP shirts, same thing.

Mom's apple pies in Julian is treat anyone coming to LoCal should not miss. We're not just beaches and Navy ships, you know.

didn't see your bus

Mount julian was nice .My son is in the navy in San Diego.He turned me on to going to Mount Julian for pie.We had a great time there.The wife and I spent a couple of days in Old town Temecula CA. another wonderful place to visit.We left some super brochures there.Go Ron Paul2012

Money talks and dogs bark

Just curious...

...Where is the 'Countdown to Maine Caucus' on ANY of the networks?.

It figures that their will be NO PRESS build-up to this historic win.

Ive been looking for an excuse to order some live Maine lobsters

and then to invite my son and his girlfriend for dinner.

If this happens as it appears it might, I will do so as soon as its in.

Here You Go !

I've been ordering Lobsters from this Lobsterman every year with great results, and I live in Oregon:


Can we start to celebrate a Maine Ron Paul Victory Yet? ? ?


From A Deposed Mainer - Retired in WNC

Great Plan - Be Prepared It is Happening - I'm going To Order Now !


42% Paul, 33% Romney, 20% Santorum, 5% Gingrich


Getting nervous

numbers on this google spreadsheet haven't updated in quite a while, and politico is not showing any numbers yet.

What time is the official unveiling??

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Paul is steady at over 40%

Paul is steady at over 40% while Santorum eats off of Romney's share. There is a trend, that is clear from data this far.

Maine numbers for Santorum is probably worse news for Romney than the impending Paul win.


Some time, Rock, when the team is up against it, when things are wrong and the breaks are beating the boys, ask them to go in there with all they've got and win just one for the Gipper.

Results show Santorum took 6% from Paul...

and 4% from Gingrich. Pysco Santorum needs to go!

Psycho Santorum

Romney has been on his tail all week,and will be again this week,I'm sure.Get him Romney,spend all your money on it,and save us the money and time.

Yes, many people around this

Yes, many people around this country are still believing that Santorum is the "true conservative" alternative to Romney, once those people know more about Paul, he will start winning. Maine will be the starts of Paul's momentum in this race!

"The true Patriot will repeal the Patriot Act..." - Ron Paul.


48% Paul, 33% Romney, 10% Santorum, 9% Gingrich

This is only about 10% of the total straw poll results reported so far, but it looks good! Keep up the great work you Mainiacs! Let us WIN Maine with over 50% and of course pick up as many delegates as possible.

We can not let up! There are some big caucuses tommorrow ! For all those caucusing tomorrow, I hope you are all bringing at least 3 friends with you!

I don't see any caucuses

I don't see any caucuses scheduled for tomorrow (2-12-2012) according to this site http://www.mainegop.com/2012/01/maine-g-o-p-2012-caucus-info...

Do you have different info ??

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." - Sinclair Lewis


TYPO.Should have read today Today. Thanks

C'mon c'mon c'mon!

Do it Maine!

Peddle to the metal

Maine, Peddle to the metal. Intensify. Drag your grandmother out to vote if you have to. Maine can make history here.

As Goes Maine...

Maine, GOP changes caucus locations last minute.

"Warning: Ron Paul supporters in Maine, GOP changes caucus locations last minute. Click to find caucus."


CVRP is a grassroots veterans group focused on providing a policy perspective from the men and women who have served our country. We invite everyone to look at our site and resources.

We are also recruiting new contributors so if you are a vet, that


Call Your local precincts on this supposed change in times and dates for the caucuses!! I've seen posts on this coming out of facebook. Must be verified.




Guys, we've got to work our a##e$ off.

This spreadsheet only represents 436 total votes ... a small % of the total votes that will be cast. Just look at this from only Romney's 2008 Maine totals by county that will vote Saturday:

(Romney votes only in all these counties)

Androscoggin =141

Cumberland =819

York = 373

Waldo =134

Sagadhoc =134

Penobscot = 218

Kennebec =178

Quit cheering and fight while the other team is running down the field with the ball in the 4th quarter!!!!!!!!!!


Please add this link: http://goo.gl/bA3aW

We need to support WatchTheVote2012! Use this link to sign up to watch the vote in your town. I did this while I was in NH, and it was a pretty cool experience. I'll be doing it again in MD, and maybe other nearby states.

RevPAC is doing their part with exit polling. Our numbers will be of actual votes reported at actual precincts. PLEASE HELP WITH THIS EFFORT!

Freedom Wins!

Help us out up here in Maine...

...please take a moment, folks...http://www.dailypaul.com/209803/write-paul-lepage-please (Ron Paul can and will win here God willing)

Dear Maine.

Keep your foot floored to the gas pedal, EVERY vote matters.

If the vote count comes in and it is under by just alittle will you personally be able to say you did your best?

Now or never, that should be our battle cry.

Remember Nevada, Remember Colorado. Our Alamo!

Now do your part, get up go vote, take many people with you, become a delegate.

The media cackles in your ear "What Ron Paul, what support, what delegates? He can't win"

I say THIS Ron Paul! THIS support! Make THEM remember Maine!

Good news, but let's keep

Good news, but let's keep playing like we're DOWN by 10% or more!

Don't end it just yet!

Continue going to those Maine caucuses right into the final day! Ron Paul needs to win this one!


No matter what the numbers say get out there and vote for Ron Paul!

There is more of us then them!
Lets get our Republic back!