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this could help dr. paul get elected need veteran help...

im not a vet. born with a bad heart, they turned me down.


i bet we have DP members that are vets. maybe even some that are dis-abled. if so, i thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country. would you be willing to use your experiances to help dr. paul?

here's what im thinkin....
you write a letter to the washington post, or whatever huge newspaper you choose, most are pretty biased in serving obama, but in the letter, you really question why we need more war? what the hell are we doin there? what is worth all the blood on both sides, the pain, the suffering, the loss of life, families being ripped apart, and all for WHAT?

lots more ideas can be thrown in by other members, but what i really want to do is two things. i want to make peace popular again. with the masses. get them to realize that we can survive and get along with other countries without war.

and, two, i want everyone in america to realize that dr paul is the only anti-war candidate.

so- any vets here that are willing to take this on? also, if LOTS and LOTS of vets sent letters and emails, somebody somewhere would have to write about it. even if the lame-stream media refuses to cover it, so far, we still have the internet!

just an idea, keep it or sweep it....


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One, Two, Three, Four...

what the hell are we fightin' for?

60's chant



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.


maybe all the other veterans could send thousands of emails and letters asking why they wont cover the letter.....

just tryin to help....


ron in 12!


no vets in here? or a lousy idea?

we've got to figure out a way to sway people's opinions, and get everyone to believe that peace is the only answer....


ron in 12!