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I was pulled over last night by a Texas State Trooper

for having one of the two lights over the license plate faulty.

I care about police officers. In fact for a long time I aspired to be one. My goal with any law enforcement is to disarm the appearance of a physical threat - which is hard to do sometimes at 6'0 and 240 lbs and a former power lifter. And the second goal is to show cooperation.

So last night when I was pulled over, this short but stocky Texas State Trooper walks up passenger side with weapons drawn. I had both hands on the wheel and the engine off with the keys sitting in the passenger seat.

After a few minutes of me assuring him that there was no threat, no drugs, and no weapons in the car, he re-holstered what looked like a SIG 226, he asked me to get out of the vehicle so he could "search me".

I had nothing to hide. Nothing to find. Nothing to see. No criminal record. Never an ounce of trouble except a speeding ticket back in 1998. I am squeaky clean.

I reminded him respectfully that it is my 4th amendment right not to do so and by him ordering such a request was a violation of that amendment. I repeated politely that "this is a violation of my 4th amendment." I said it 3-4 times clearly so the police audio could pick it up on tape.

I said to him, "Look Trooper Ramos, if you want to search me, you're the one breaking the law. Not me. The Constitution is as clear as a Sunday morning sermon about this issue. Unless you have probable cause, and you have not demonstrated that, you have no delegated authority to initiate an unauthorized search. And unless you can write your own search warrants like the FBI can, you will neither search my person or my private property without cause." I was cold & shaking, partly from the 40 degree weather and partly from standing up to a clear Constitutional violation. But the Ron Paul nation would have been proud.

He asked "Do you have any weapons on you?" I paused for a second and thought of my Karambit fighting knife positioned in my right pocket for quick access, the AR-15 at home, 30 other assortment guns and rifles scattered throughout the house, the tactical shot gun with 400 rounds in my trunk, the Louisville Sluggers strategically placed behind doors and under beds at the house, and the Glock kept out of view wedged deep in the driver's side seat...I replied with a smile showing him the palms of both hands, "No sir, I sure don't."

He ran my license and had me stand outside the car. I checked the light at the rear of the car and found one of the two operational. When he returned he said "I'm going to give you a warning." I said in stride, "Well, it does need to be repaired now that I am looking at it. I appreciate you pointing it out to me. But the other one on the right side here seems to be working." He handed me the warning and my license back before he realized I was politely challenging. He replied sharply, "Yeah but this one is NOT." Pointing to the one not working on the left. I calmly noted that one of the running lights on the bottom right of his cruiser was out pointing to his vehicle and that I noticed he was not wearing his seat belt as be pulled me over. I then said, "Don't worry Trooper, I won't pull you over, ask you to get out of your vehicle, interrogate you with irrelevant drug questions, and occupy an hours worth of your time or anything. You probably have to work in the morning or something anyway. But I hope you realize that my taxes go toward vehicle upkeep and unit...", Walking over to his patrol car searching for the identifying number, "...Tx-6539 does need to go into the shop."

I was walking back to my car and he said something that really surprised me. He goes, "You know you're a real lucky SOB." Again I paused and thought of another person on the Daily Paul who had a run in with the police who harassed him and disconnected his battery who said sort of the same thing. I grabbed a Ron Paul super brochure and walked over to him. I said, "No citizen in a free society is lucky to be pulled over by law enforcement. Besides, I'm something much bigger then anything or anyone would consider 'lucky'." I handed him the super brochure. "Oh, yeah?" He said, "What's that?" I replied, "Innocent."

"Have a good night Trooper. Be safe."

I got in, shut the door to my car, took a deep breath, and drove home.


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No offense, but he

No offense, but he description of all your weapons makes you sound like a crazy wacko.

Go take a long walk off a

Go take a long walk off a short cliff, and then go $u%k yourself in hell.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Boston T. Party?

Boston T. Party, is that you? What a story of bravery! It reminds me of many of the accounts in "You and the Police" by Boston T. Party.

For anybody who'd like to assert their rights and handle themselves with tact in the face of a rogue cop, "You and the Police" is an engaging guide. Check it out. Run the scenarios over in your head. When it's your turn, you'll have the balls to show the bully who's boss without violent confrontation or unjustified arrest.

Peace through awareness! Life, liberty, property!


Kudos. Way to be. Pat yourself on the back!

As a veteran Texas police

As a veteran Texas police officer I have to say you handled that beautifully. Polite but firm.

Also this may have already been brought up but the transportation code does not specify how many white lights must illuminate your rear license plate. Only that it be lit with a white light and clearly visible from 50 ft away.
*edit* Texas Transportation Code


That was an unlawful stop then.

I am glad that I razzed the guy a little bit being that this is the case.

Thank you for explaining the code!

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams

Way to Go

We have to stand up for the law! We are the people, we are the law. This is epic: I said to him, "Look Trooper Ramos, if you want to search me, you're the one breaking the law. Not me. The Constitution is as clear as a Sunday morning sermon about this issue. Unless you have probable cause, and you have not demonstrated that, you have no delegated authority to initiate an unauthorized search. And unless you can write your own search warrants like the FBI can, you will neither search my person or my private property without cause."

Uh, he didn't cite you

Uh, he didn't cite you because he had no reason to pull you over in the first place?

My friend had a similar thing happen to him a few months ago - he had one burned out fog light on the front bumper of his car. The cop said the same thing "I'll let you go with a warning."

Yeah, in these cash-strapped times they don't anything go. It's just an excuse to pull you over in the hopes of digging something up that leads to $$$ somehow or some way.

You were waylaid by a highwayman, is the how I see it.

Texas State Trooper

I've seen and heard of police acting alot more violently . I have nothing against law enforcement , as long as they go by the book . I know that law enforcement knows that what they are told to do probably goes against their own feeling , but hey have to follow orders .


apparently you haven't ever run into the short sawed-off power trippin' type. they seem to be rampant throughout the Texas DPS. they know exactly what the f*ck they are doing, and its... whatever the hell they can do to get you to waive your rights in order to bust you for whatever the hell the can can concoct. i have never run into any of them who are doing it because it 'goes against their feelings'.

they are either by the book, appropriately, and they do not automatically request to search your vehicle for a traffic violation (mostly the old timers)..... or they attempt to search and harass every single individual they stop regardless of what you were stopped for (the newbies and the ones who were made fun of in high school, and are still lookin' for some revenge).

don't make excuses for f*cking *ssholes who intentionally violate the rights of people on general principle... they don't deserve it. what they do deserve, is to be fortunate enough to stop Ron Paul supporters every time, and to be schooled on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and put in their place.... even if it means you have to stand their for an hour and a half while they bring out the K9...

Think for yourself......Question authority...

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Is the Texas State Police a private corporation?

4409 research
Is your local Police Department a For Profit Corporation?

Rod class won a case in NC where the courts recognized most if not all law enforcement as well as most government agencies are listed on the stock market.

you did well..I tell them off routinely..though perhaps not wise

You handled it well and showed more courage than the average citizen.

I am a lot wilder...I had a Texas DPS Trooper who pulled me over 16 times and wrote a total of 36 tickets to me over a period of about three years. I know a lot about traffic law so I was able to beat all but one.

This guy had a bad reputation even among other cops...one told me that he bragged to other Troopers that he had written tickets to all his neighbors.

Anyway, it just so happens to NOT be a crime to cuss out a cop in Texas...so I got to the point where called him the stupidest son of a bitch and biggest asshole I had ever met...when he gave me the last couple of tickets.

I also asked him if he were gay and attracted to me or something...because of all the stops...and told him that I was not...but if I were...I would end up "on top".

I called his supervisor and told him the same things about this Trooper. He eventually left me alone and eventually was transferred out of the area.

I am well known in my County as someone who takes no crap from government and actually have a webpage attacking their corruption. I have a page on how to fight and beat Texas Traffic Tickets with some examples of speeding tickets I have beaten. There is information on other corruption and how to fight it.

http://www.wilcoshysterbuster.com if you want to take a look.

Wilco is short for Williamson County Texas....Shyster is a crooked corrupt attorney.

Daniel Simon


me and you have a lot in common. When i was young i would give them hell. Once i realised they had it in for me every time they saw my car i stopped giving a damn. I must have gotten around 60 tickets in the couple of years i had the car but they never got a dime from me, the Lawyers got my money. I got sick of paying the lawyer on every ticket and finally just stopped showing up for court ( not wise) but it wound up working to my advantage because they were very slow at issuing warrants back then and getting them in to the computer so i racked up 21 moving violations over about a six month period and then one day got pulled over and they finally had the warrants in the puter for all of them.
Anyway, took a little trip to the city jail and bonded out at the price of the value of all the speeding violations and warrants which was like $4800 20 years ago and they gave me 1 court hearing for ALL of it :) Not sure how it works now but back then you paid the lawyer based on how many dockets you have and sense they combined all my warrants and violations in to 1 court docket my Lawyer who was "in the click" only charged me as if it were 1 ticket!
He cut a deal with the DA for all of it dismissed for $100 court cost and when it went before the judge he was PISSED at the DA and could not believe they had agreed to that. Anyway he tried to humiliate me in front of everybody and held up the court docket which was about 1" thick or so and said he had never in all his years on the bench seen a traffic violation docket like that. He was boiling and told me to go to his chambers. Me and my Lawyer went in and he laid in to me telling me if he ever saw my face in his courtroom again blah, blah, blah. Anyways, i was a happy camper and it wasn't a month later and i was back lol...Needless to say i finally sold the car which was a 1989 20th Anniversary Pontiac GTA with a 3.8 liter Turbocharged V6 and my problems finally stopped....I loved that car !
sorry for the lengthy story, just remembering the good o'l days...lol

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Drop in replacement LED

Drop in replacement LED lights.


Most people would call you stupid. You got lucky.

I like to think of myself as

an innocent law abiding civilian.

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams

100% in the right

Right on, brother! If people don't stand up to rights violations politely but firmly like this, they'll just keep tightening their grip. Here in Austin, a former West Point grad is in hot water with the APD for *gasp* filming officers roughing up a young lady during a DWI stop. They are actually charging him with a felony of "interfering with an arrest". Really? This guy is an Army Ranger veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. The APD's only complaint is that he spit on the officer, so the accused (Antonio Buehler) immediately responded with a request to see the dashcam to corroborate that. Of course, the APD are like uhh welll uh the video isn't uh.. we can't release it because uh... umm...

Yeah. We're fighting back. Even Rand Paul won't back down to the TSA!

I guess I'm just a wuss...

I guess I'm just a wuss, but I make it a policy to not get into arguments with people who have guns and clubs and other weapons of terror. Especially in southern California, where apparently the cops have carte blanche to shoot whoever they feel like and say they were "resisting arrest" or some such. I'm Caucasian (actually Aryan), but I have long hair and I'm kind of a slob, which automatically puts me under suspicion.

Freedom is my Worship Word!


Same thing in San Fran...do NOT be a guy with long hair or you're automatically guilty of something...anything. Doubly so if you have dreads or dyed hair.

A signature used to be here!

Remember your 5th and 6th Amendment rights

This is an area not often discussed and needs to be more clearly understood by a free people. Your fifth amendment right to remain silent applies to any questioning. This would include routine traffic stops. They are more important before you are charged than after you've been blabbering on and on and on.

Politely offer your drivers license, registration and insurance. If you have a concealed carry permit offer it with your credentials. Tell the officer whether you have a weapon or not but refrain from answering even the most benign questions.

Do you know why I pulled you over?

Where are you going in such a hurry?

How long has your tail light been out?


Once the officer starts asking questions, you have no reason to answer any questions much less incriminating ones.

I have my attorneys card for just such occasions with any government official.

It clearly states on the reverse of the card:

I refuse to consent to any search of my premises, the location of my arrest, my car or effects. I wish to exercise my rights under the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to remain silent and to have my attorney present during any questioning or lineup. If you ignore my exercise of these rights and attempt to procure a waiver, I wish to confer with my attorney prior to any conversation with the law enforcement agent on the subject of waiver.

Feel free to put this on your own business cards.

Most attorney will tell you that the biggest mistake their clients make is not exercising their rights until after they have contacted their attorney.


Finally. I think it is much better to take your complaint directly to the police officer in charge of taking public complaints as opposed to pointing out all the flaws the officer made on the side of the road. Don't forget to get the officers card if you just get a verbal warning. Of course if you get a ticket you already know which officer issued the citation.

I'm proud.

I'm proud.

Im not a nit-picker or a

Im not a nit-picker or a negative-nancy, you handled yourself pretty well and unfortunately cops need to be shown they cant just run all over innocent citizens, but two things:

1. You should have let the officer know about the Glock. The shotgun in the trunk not so much. But not disclosing a firearm within arms reach would look pretty bad if they forced you to succumb to a search, whether or not that search is justified. If you legally own the firearm and are legally carrying, then it does not give him anymore of a reason to search you so you shouldnt have to lie about something you're legally doing. If I could legally carry in my state I would proudly declare to every cop who stopped me that I was packing.

2. Depending on your interpretation of the 14th Amendment and whether or not you believe in incorporation (that is a discussion for another time), the 4th amendment may not apply to local, county, and state law enforcement officers. What I would suggest is finding in the Texas state constitution where he is prohibited from doing this and using that, and Im gunna go out on a limb and say that Texas has a similar provision. Here in New Jersey the constitutionality of DUI checkpoints was succesfully challenged by using the state constitution and not the federal one.

I have to return some videotapes...

Good job...qq. If you had a

Good job...qq. If you had a Karambit in your right pocket couldn't he see the finger hole sticking out? I too carry one wherever I go, but I put it on the inside of my pant leg just above the pocket where you can't see it.

SOP on seatbelts

Yes, it is SOP to remove seat belt PRIOR to stopping a vehicle. In an emergency, you dont' want to be flinging open your door forgetting you are still buckled in.

Jason Robinson
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho

Some words of wisdom I once received.

I'm not big on confronting police officers as I feel that alone on the side of the road is the wrong place to be an activist, so I follow some advice that a friend gave me.

"My lawyer has advised me not to make any statements to law enforcement officials without consulting with him first."


"My lawyer has advised me not to consent to any requests from law enforcement officials without consulting with him first."

Those phrases are burned into my mind, and should I feel that any LEO is overstepping his bounds, then I will use them.

I wish

this was not so, but sadly I don't feel I can tell my kids the cops are paid to protect them and keep them safe. I don't feel like I can suggest that my kids blindly trust that cops have their best interests in mind. Or that cops risk their lives doing scary things to keep us safe. It has grown increasingly clear that the role of cops is to ticket and harass the people they are supposed to serve and protect.

Today Alone I watched as 3 plain clothed cops park their car in the middle of the street so they could hoot and holler at a NYPD helicopter showing off doing what appeared to be aerial donuts. SERIOUSLY. Is this what my tax dollars are being spent on, a bunch of thugs blocking traffic in a residential neighborhood while their friends in a helicopter shake my house with dangerous and unnecessary showboating ? Of course there was the countless traffic stops on the side of the road this morning, like every morning. Most of which were just regular people trying to get to work on a busy road where speeding is almost impossible. Sadly these people will be late to work, saddled with a ticket they will inevitably cost them $150 or a days work if they fight it.

I know there are good cops out there, I have met them...but I would be remiss if I did not mention that cops have moved away from protect and serve to harass, ticket and arrest the very people paying their salaries.

You did a great job man!

You did a great job man!

1 of 2 liscense plate lights out?

Off with his head!

Having spent time outside the US, its pretty silly that Americans actually consider themselves free.

Freedom exists, but not so much in the United States. Good job with badge head, tell him to go pack sand. Drawing his weapon....geez, what a spazz.

That is strong!

Where do cops come from that they see every civilian as a drug dealing psychopathic murderer? Why draw a gun if there is no threat? Why treat every situation like a crisis? If you are too scared to deal with the public you picked the wrong line of work Trooper Ramos. But also, who is training the cops to be gangsters and thugs? Is this official Texas State Trooper policy? I think I like the older cops with the "old school" mentality better. We're all people, treat us like people. Don't draw your gun on us unless we're a mortal threat. You are here to protect and serve us, not intimidate and dehumanize. sorry for the rant...Great story!

To all who are taking this person to task..

for "losing" a Ron Paul supporter: Big effin deal! If you are willing to give up your rights to win a political convert, then I think you are missing the whole point of the liberty message. Even if the officer never comes our way, this person did a great service for our civil liberties. We MUST stand up and exercise our rights. If you don't use them, you lose them. Period.

KUDOS to you for standing up! We can all learn from your example!