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Rand Paul "I Have A Question For The President... Do You Hate ALL Rich People?"

Rand Paul's speech at CPAC February 9th 2012 as seen on CSPAN


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Awesome speech. Go Rand!

Awesome speech. Go Rand!

Hey rand!

Change your views on foreign policy or im not voting for you again, sincerely a Kentuckian.

Didn't JFK give a speech at the convention 4 yrs before he ran?

Wow, Rand. Nice one!

Ok, if a brokered convention occurs...

and they DON'T get Ron Paul nominated (which would only happen if he doesn't have enough delegates, so go BE one!), I sincerely hope they "settle" for Rand.

He Rocked that speech!

I think the republican rank n file love him.


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Thanks to the MOD

who embedded the video. I appreciate it!