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Ron Paul's Final Money Bomb: Feb 14th. Be there!

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Final? What?


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RE: Final

Likely yes, its the FINAL major money bomb of the primary race. Why? Super Tuesday is March 6th.

(edit - unless its a brokered convention, in which case anything can happen)

Will be minor

Hardly been advertised

Lots of old supporters who made 2007/8 possible driven away.

I hope it goes well but I doubt it will be a big one.

RE: will be minor

There are 5,000 people adding likes to Ron Paul on Facebook every day. So, if the last 100 day's worth of new supporters donated $10, that would be a $5,000,000 (five million dollar) money bomb. If its a small money bomb, that means Paul supporters are posers and should go cry to mommy, then have all their freedoms taken away. All because they didn't put $10 into the money bomb :(

I don't want to hear any small talk, lets make this a big one!