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IMPORTANT Redistricting in Texas may stop the Primary in April


The Texas GOP intends to stop the primary election in Texas and use the redistricting as an excuse. They are dragging along slowly to delay getting ballots out. http://codgerville.wordpress.com/

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The only distinction is will

The only distinction is will Texas be proportional or winner take all! Which is best for us? It depends on how much momentum we can build up between now and then, more time may mean more momentum.

Delayed *not stopped*

There's a possibility that it could be pushed back due to the redistricting.

Same reason the renewal voter registration cards haven't been sent out yet -- redistricting takes precedence.

Redistricting will be settled in time for voter reg cards to be sent out and a primary held before the Presidential election season is over.

Don't sound the alarms, nothing is being stopped.

Not everything is a conspiracy people!

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I think this may be front

I think this may be front page material. This is very important that peple know about it.

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Thanks, Gary!!

Just saw this myself from the Country Codger... Not only are they delaying getting out the ballots, they may STOP any primary from happening in Texas at all!! TEXANS!! DON'T LET THEM MESS WITH YOU AND KEEP US POSTED ON HOW WE CAN TO LEND SUPPORT!

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams