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My first time at spreading the message to people I didnt know...

I asked them if they knew who Ron Paul was, these were some

of the the responses I got. "I do know who he is, I'll vote

for him in a minute, I love him. If he doesnt win I dont

know who I'll vote for, I dont like any of the other ones,

maybe obama." 2. "I do know who he is, I dont wanna talk

about him or any of them, their all the same." There were

some people who wont hear a word they were obama

supporters. I handed out the Dr's "plan to restore America"

for the people that were in a hurry.

This is what I saw my first time spreading the meassage.

I just wanted to share it.

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About #2

It can be discouraging to hear people talk like that, but then again maybe it's a good thing they are not involved in politics if they have that kind of attitude...

Mixed blessing.

I tried to tell her that he

I tried to tell her that he is really the only one protecting our rights, but she wasnt hearing it.

what's frustrating is...

...the numbers we would already have if all those people had the facts.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.