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Hey, everyone!

Here're a few ideas about the crappy circumstance we and the Judge are in because of the cancellation of his get-the-job-done television show Freedom Watch.

First, let's have a DP Radio interview with the Judge soon after his show's last day to discuss what happened to his show. That subject would be touchy, I'd think, but if it can be done, why not do it?

Two, perhaps he can host DP Radio on Kurt Wallace's off days. Additionally, maybe a segment of his show can be for us DPers and RPers to talk with him and ask him questions. That segment could be after the interview or interviews so that we can ask questions about the interviews if we want. Or, heeey, maybe we can call in during the interview to ask the Judge and his guest(s) questions?! Even better, during and after?

Three, how about Kurt and the Judge cohosting the show?

OK, guys, those are all the ideas I have for now. Do you have one or more ideas? If so, drop 'em here!

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Bump for late night DPers.

Bump for late night DPers.

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