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Photo Labels

I propose that we always carry with us small business card size labels with the photo of Ron Paul behind the White House desk signing a bill and these words as a caption:
"Ron Paul - 45th President of the U.S.A. - Sunday January 20th, 2013"

Then stick these labels on every newspaper sale box that you see, on every bulleting board you come across, on the cash register of every store that you shop at.

Pretty soon people will just come to accept that matrix as a done deal.

Go to my Imgur page for photos:

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Why annoy?

I like the description of the image. (The actual image is private.)

However, liberty principles mean respect of property. And as far as campaign practicality putting stickers on registers and paper boxes are likely to make enemies.

And asking about bulletin boards even has a practicality. "Oh, sure you can. Let me remove some of these old ones so you have some room."