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Washington Times article discussing troop support interviews.

I find this cool. After talking to this Washington times guy (Luke R.) for about an hour and a half on the phone, unlike the normal 30 minutes that it takes for interviews, I get (some what) quoted in an article.


Tickles me pink. He went off topic and asked a little about the differences in Pauls economic ideology and didn't realize the failed drug war policy and a new standard set by Portugal by decriminizing drugs. That they changed from a police sate to a help state, and the people willfully started to better themselves. And of course I went into some history context of the middle east. Educated him on the different secs of sunni and shia as well as some other tribes from Saudi and Egypt. Without rambling, the guy seemed very intrigued with Paul after discussing "why the troops support Paul". Pushing Dr. Paul one person at a time.

Ron Paul 2012 and Roll Tide.

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