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Dr. Paul's many strengths (beware: late-night fangirling, non-rational post here)

We all know that the good doctor is frugal, creative, smart, wise, honest, good, compassionate, optimistic, healthy, quick-thinking, sincere, and inspiring, but what about his other good qualities You know, the ones people mistake for weaknesses?

His age. Yes, we all know that he's healthy as a horse, but how many of us realize that his age is a great strength? He not only has a boatload more experience than all the other candidates combined, but his age contributes to his solid emotional strength: he is just not easily swayed and distressed by rumors and set backs and is not swayed by the winds of fashion. When the rest of us young'uns ride our emotional roller coasters through this election cycle, getting high in anticipation of a win and then sink into the deepest depression at not seeing what we want, he just smiles and seems to say, "It's all right. I've been through this before. This is not a big deal."

His not getting along with the establishment. I know so many people say that if he can't convince Congress to do anything, he can't lead. Considering the state of Congress today, I'd call that an asset. Who wants a leader who's on friendly terms with known liars and thieves? What we need is a leader who can stop Congress from doing further harm, and for that to happen, we NEED someone who *doesn't* work with Congress.

His lack of good looks and wearing clothes that don't fit him. Nobody is perfect. If this is his one weakness, the only thing keeping him from automatically being turned into a being of perfect glory, I'll take it. Besides, I think his grandfatherliness is cute and charming. I'm already married, so why should I try to be attracted to some other woman's man?

He'd let the states decide such-and-such. Doesn't that make you feel more powerful? You can actually make a difference in your neighborhoods again, decide how your own state works again. Isn't it wonderful? Better yet, Ron Paul's example would influence those under him. Instead of inspiring judges and the police to abuse their authority, he'd inspire them to be accountable to the letter of the law.

The FED doesn't like him and will try to stop him. YAY!!!!!!! And he'll outsmart and outmaneuver them anyway.

His loss in Nevada. Hey, his supporters are so pumped, so confident, that many of them no longer felt like the Doctor's campaign was in danger any longer! Awesome! Nevada was just a reminder that we shouldn't get complacent, and we'll get this in the bag! It feels good to know that, no matter how big this movement gets, your vote and your other actions DO matter!

... believe it or not, I'm not drunk or high or anything. Just fangirling here in the middle of the night. Don't mind me. I'm sure I'll be embarrassed enough in the morning to delete this. But if you think of other "weaknesses" that are actually strengths, feel free to post.

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Lacks Good Looks?

I think he has great eyes and a nice smile!

totally agree

Ron Paul
turning flaws
umop ap!sdn

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.