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In Maine, Ron Paul Poised to possibly Prevail

By Matthew Gagnon
Posted Feb. 09, 2012, at 5:05 p.m.

Inquisitive reporters from all over the country have been calling me for the past two weeks, desperate to know what to expect in the Maine GOP caucuses this weekend.

It has been somewhat amusing to walk the uninitiated through the intricacies of Maine Republican Party politics, if for no other reason than it has proven to me that no one else in the country really pays much attention to the political goings on here.

But, that is changing. At least briefly.

Indeed, intrepid gumshoes from the Associated Press, Reuters, Washington Post, Politico and a whole host of other news gatherers are descending upon the Pine Tree State over the next few days, hoping to cover a shockingly interesting race.

So what are these folks from away so excited about?

They think Ron Paul might win the Maine caucus. And, it is true, he might. If he does, they’ll have a political story to really spill some ink on.


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If Paul wins Maine and goes

If Paul wins Maine and goes on to win the nomination, he might consider Governor LePage of Maine as a running mate...


If he wins Maine, I will probably have an orgasm....