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Anti-Grav Skateboard - Publically Available Cost: 1 Million For Next Phase of Production

Very interesting article. Independent inventor looks to take his work directly to the private sector.


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from 2005?

Extremely unlikely that the technology is real. It'd be worth billions and instantly known worldwide.

SARA was the site of a meeting with a group of government scientists exploring free energy. A few were from the JASON Group. Those guys are the pinnacle of elite government scientists and they have no technology.

It's possible JASON or DoD has something special but no one knows about it and all the well known government/defense contractor guys pursuing this have absolutely nothing.

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I remember studying for the Navy Chief's test in 1979...

the study guide for electronics technician was classified SECRET. I suspect it was because of the section on electromagnetism.

Did you know, you have to chain down metal objects around high-powered transmitter sites? Otherwise even heavy metal objects will float?


Tesla knew that, too. Hence why most of his inventions have been 'classified'.

Aircraft can fly using that principle.