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Why is Ron skipping CPAC?

Does anyone know why the campaign decided not to go to CPAC? Where is Ron today?

I would sure feel better if I knew for sure why he's skipping because right now I can't imagine where on earth he could be that would provide him a better opportunity to be in front of as many potential conservative voters or get him as much publicity as a speech at CPAC.

Perhaps he's in Maine helping to get out the vote and securing his first win. That would make sense, can anyone confirm?

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Ron Paul has been the winner of the last two CPAC Conventions

Trust ne, they are not going to let him win three in as many years. So what is the great loss for Dr. Paul, he has less conservatives from CPAC supporting him. My God, what a great loss that would be. No pun intended. His time being spent in Maine at this time is much more productive time, trust me. Afterall, The local GOPer's are fearfully in dire straits about the RON PAUL PEOPLE Highjacking the caucuses in Maine. As long as the Maine GOPer's do not steal our delegates identical to what happened in 2008 in Nevada, Louisiana, Maine, Washington State, and several other states our campaign status should be much better. I, however, will never trust the GOP apparatus nor the MSM who supports the Dems and Repubs. The MSM which is corporately owned (Hello George Soros)is tied into Corporatism commonly known as Fascism.

For the record,

Ron is not doing CPAC. He chose to campaign instead. He has stated this clearly and publicly. He was invited to CPAC and declined.

He is coming again to Maine today. He will be out and about tomorrow.

He campaigned - with a heavy schedule - here a couple of weeks ago.

Ron Paul is My President

Really? Coming to Maine???

I am huge Paul fan but he does not appear to be out campaigning instead of at CPAC. There are zero campaign events planned/listed on the campaign website for today or this weekend. Vacationing except for one or two media interviews per day at such a crucial point in the calendar makes me question what is going on.

Where is Dr Paul?

Ron Paul 2012 has had no events scheduled this week.Dr Paul should have been up in Maine preserving his first win. Romney will arrive tonight to put pressure on the local GOP to "win this one for the gipper" but Dr Paul should be there to make sure this does not happen. Saturday is too late.Yes I know he's doing press interviews but he's got to shore up his base.Don't drop the ball now.Let Maine be the beginning of our move.



Rand already speak?

Maybe it's a good thing

that all the GOPers are down in Washington grooming themselves in the mirror, and not up in Maine rigging the caucus votes. Let them "walk the runway" and bask in the glow of big talking conservatives. I'll bet there is more subtle conversations about Ron Paul than anything else. Most of it is probably not to flattering to our good Doctor, but nonetheless, they're talking Ron Paul because they're nervous. It'll be interesting to see who wins their straw poll, and how much credibility the media throws to the winner. I'm figuring a "Surgin' Rick" win.........I'm getting off my couch and try and sign up to be a delegate from Arkansas. On to Tampa to do some real voting!

alan laney

CPAC does not want Ron Paul there to more than likely.....

win the CPAC CONCENTION straw poll for the third year in a row. This is the obviously not going to happen again by the PTB. We are NOW considered a danger. Their fear in Maine and we Ron Paul supporters possibly highjacking the various caucuses is rather laughable, however, I'm hoping with every fiber of my being that us highjacking the various caucuses is exactly what takes place in Maine. May God be with us. I will ask Santorum if we can borrow God/Jesus for one day tommorrow. He is afterall, "The Jesus Candidate".

careful allocation of resources

Ron explains it all in the first minute ...


Thanks for that.

Makes sense to me and I am feeling much better now.

Boston News says Ron Is

arriving into Maine most likely Friday night and campaigning on Saturday.

Good news

Thanks for that! That makes sense and makes me feel much better.

Go Maine!


That is good news... But, wouldn't you have thought he should of been there Wednesday if he really wanted to win Maine? Romney is having a town hall meeting today in Portland, Maine. Why doesn't Ron Paul ever do a town hall meeting? Just asking..... I think that would be a very interesting event. Showing Ron paul with a connection by him talking to the public with off the cuff questions.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

You must be out of touch Ron

Dr. Paul was here a couple of weeks ago and did 3 events each day of the weekend.

3 were town hall events.

Ron Paul is My President

I know he's doing a lot of work, but we want to win

and you need to do Town Hall Meetings. A lot of new folks got excited when he did two town hall meeting, but two days before the election in MN. I thought the MN campaign office should have Ron visiting a month before hand doing Town Hall Stops all over the State of MN.

I Just hope on Saturday in Maine, he can turn out the vote and visit these remaining counties.
I know a lot of people in Maple Grove, MN 1000 people heard him speak before the Caucus started in their city. I bet you he changed a lot of votes for the people that heard him briefly speak.

I wanted to say to people we grew in MN from 18% to 28% in four years. That's 30% of the GOP, but we the grass roots worked hard to organize. The remaining states you need to meet up every weekend and walk your neighborhoods! It's the grass roots boots on the ground that will when this campaign.

I Know we want victory and we can achieve it. We are the silent minority that will be heard this time!