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Judge Nap's Freedomwatch Has Been Canceled...


Bad news, freedom fighters! Judge Andrew Napolitano's Freedom Watch, the best damned daily libertarian news & argument show in the history of television (name a better one!), has gotten the axe from Fox Business Network. From the press release:

FOX Business Network (FBN) will debut a new primetime schedule featuring encore presentations of the channel's top post-market programs, announced Kevin Magee, Executive Vice President of the network. Starting February 20th at 8 PM/ET, viewers will find additional airings of The Willis Report (5PM & 8PM/ET), Cavuto (6PM & 9PM/ET) and Lou Dobbs Tonight (7PM & 10PM/ET). The new lineup will replace FreedomWatch with Judge Andrew Napolitano, Power & Money with David Asman and Follow the Money with Eric Bolling. [...]

Wow... I'm bummed. Another blow to the cause of liberty. All but lost now...

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Do something about it! Email

Do something about it! Email their media relation head here:


The executive that MAY have made the call to cancel the show here:


And also for good measure, email the assistant to Fox CEO Roger Ailes here:


The lewrockwell.com army is already mobilizing, this show is absolutely VITAL to the liberty movement, and is entertaining to boot!