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Video: "Rand Paul Takes the Family Mantle at CPAC." Way to go Rand!

Rand Paul Takes the Family Mantle at CPAC


Presidential candidate Ron Paul is skipping the annual CPAC event this year, allegedly because of scheduling conflicts. Don’t worry, though, there’s always that back-up Paul: Senator Rand Paul, and boy, did he put on a show last night.

Rather than lecturing the audience on pure Libertarian policies and bipartisan cooperation, as his father may have, Senator Paul chose instead to keep his energy focused on President Obama, who he accused of participating in crony capitalism.

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I was at a speech given by Doug Wead once,

where he went into great depth about how Bush Jr felt compelled to complete the work of his father, and settle his scores. He portrayed it as a common theme in the lives of fathers and sons (although not the only theme, obviously). I see this in Rand. When Rand stands behind his Dad as he graciously receives second or third or last place in this race with all the powers that be assembled and working overtime against him, I see in Rand's face how much it burns him to see how his noble dad is treated by the majority of this world. I bet it's a feeling he has felt all his life.

I think he has vowed to deal with these people before they even know he's dealing with them. I think he's the one playing "bad cop", and he doesn't give a damn what anybody thinks. Ron Paul was (and is) his best man. Does anybody else see this, too?


Ron is his hero, and he has said so...

Rand Paul

said, vote for Ron Paul, that is what he said with that speech. Let's get to work!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

well if Ron Paul's approach doesn't work

maybe Rand's more political strategy will succeed in saving our country... he isn't his father, but hopefully, he is working to get the same results...

(i'm sure Ron Paul avoids saying many things that are true but could be used against him.)

I hope he appeals to some

There's only 1 Ron Paul

I got this in my email yesterday. Could be true....

Who are the RON PAUL “HATERS”?:

Is it the Left? No, it’s Right-Wing Talk Radio:

Clear Channel: ON-AIR Pos/Neg Mentions of GOP field:

Talk Radio: Positive Mentions vs Negative Mentions

Barak Obama: 2,124,193 -- 1,540,983 - (.73%)
Mitt Romney: 987,569 -- 84,587 - (.09%)
Newt Gingrich: 543,891 -- 67,789 - (.12%)
Michelle Bachman: 521,111 -- 59,987 - (.12%)
Rick Perry: 510,239 -- 66,127 - (.13%)
Herman Cain: 439,981 -- 62,987 - (.14%)
Rick Santorum: 438,348 -- 23,123 - (.05%)
Ron Paul: 211,899 -- 111,236 - (.52%)

(* Right Wing radio hates Ron Paul just a little less than they hate Pres. Obama. Ron Paul replies -- Well Haters gotta hate--)

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Go Rand!! Rand 2016

I like the good cop/bad cop analogy (below).

Good stuff

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What? You want him to run against his father? :)

One of his several applause lines

was when he said the GOP was largely unaware of the seriousness of the financial difficulties we are in.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Rand and Ron are doing a good cop / bad cop thing

It's been pretty obvious for a couple of years now.

Ron roughs 'em up and throws 'em into a wall, and Rand walks over and acts conciliatory.

Why, it's almost as if they've been planning Rand 2016 for years or something...

Those of you complaining about Rand's speech

need to go to YouTube and watch some of Mark Levin's rants against Ron Paul. You've got to remember that by now, most Neocons already have a hardened prejudice against Ron Paul because they're puppet master radio talk show hosts have trashed and dissed the good Doctor. So, when they see Rand their preconception is already, "Well, at least he's not as crazy as his Dad." But when Rand feeds them red meat, they lighten up and think, well, maybe the Pauls aren't so bad after all. That will cause some of them to become open-minded toward Ron.

"The truth is that neither British nor American imperialism was or is idealistic. It has always been driven by economic or strategic interests." - Charlie Reese

But what larger audience is he playing to?

Rather than reach out to NEW voters and infuse the GOP with FRESH faces, he is catering to those who will NEVER support personal liberty.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I know of people who have

I know of people who have found Ron through Rand. The hardcore establishment neocon types can't be reached, they will side with Obama if it comes down to it... But a lot of the average rank n file GOP can. They just need some extra help seeing through the brainwashing/fox news, etc.

Every day we hear of hardened

Every day we hear of hardened war-monger conservatives that have seen the light. Usually it is from some moment like this where the seed of doubt was planted somehow. How many lights turned on at CPAC this weekend?

while I can see how this type

while I can see how this type of speech was not for everyone, it was crafted to the audience, which is very important.

Rand has a different style. Rand is good at getting people to like him, before he starts dropping truth bombs.

Liberty or Death

If they weren't allowed

to endorse anyone, his last sentence should have been "I know who that candidate is, do you?"
I actually think he did really well knowing he was speaking to a bunch of closed minded neocons.


he's not one for rocking the boat I guess.

I still don't really know how to feel about rand after all this time.

glad he's there but....yawn.

glad he's there but....yawn.

I was so disappointed

I tuned in live while at work. I endured Herman Cain's speech so that I wouldn't miss any part of Rand's. I just heard pandering to Republicans and no revealing of truth. I don't know if any brushfires were started in the minds of the people from that speech.

Also, no mention of his father? Why? Instead, he referred to some leader who is yet to be found that is like Ronald Reagan?

I'm not a fan of pandering to the Neo-cons. CPAC was great last year, I'm very glad I didn't spend $500 again this year to go and have my highlight speech (Rand Paul) turn out to be a disappointment.

I'm taking that money and donating it to Ron and Nobody else but Ron.

Jonny R
Fellow Lover of Liberty

He didn't get in their face

He didn't get in their face with the issues, but the way I see it he invited the mainstream rank and file to like and support him immediately and later research deeper into the issues. That may lead them to Ron Paul in the short term and Rand support in the long term.

Good point.

Good point.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Yet still

after watching this I felt a little better about Rand taking over the steering wheel in the future.

Reality check

Those of us who envision a brighter future support Ron Paul. Ron Paul draws Libertarians, Independents, Constitution party and even some Democrats. Ron talks about state level control of resources, Rand pimps for the pipeline.
I know people don't like to talk "crazy" but we have to figure out what they stole from Tesla's apartment when he died. We need to end the petrodollar and the petroeconomy.
Rand is also a vocal supporter of "Right to Work" and I have lived in a "right to work" state for decades. It is NOT the answer. It pretty well shuts down whistle-blowing. It is not having a Union that is the problem, it is MANDATORY membership that is the problem.
I just can't support Rand. I want to, I want to think the Paul legacy will carry on, but he is not his father, and he appeals only to the Conservative Christian vote. Ron Paul appeals to the "All who love liberty" vote, and they are not really the same.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Ron is a huge supporter of right to work

as well, and I'm glad for it.

Unions are most certainly a problem...

I live in NY and they control the state. And notice that any state that is heavily unionized is among the worst economically.

And this doesn't make sense: "It is not having a Union that is the problem, it is MANDATORY membership that is the problem."

If you didn't have mandatory membership, you wouldn't have a union. Unions are organized thuggery; like government, they need force to maintain power. They are drains on the economy, elitist and discriminatory (Davis-Bacon Act).

Right to Work is the way to go. Good for Rand.

This is an excellent example of divide and conquer

by "this or that" reasoning. What ou live with is forced unionization (aka "thuggery") and what I live with is no ability to band with my workers and try to do things to try to improve their own life. The right to form unions is an extension of the right to assemble. However, DEMANDING membership for a job is not a voluntary assembly.
What I said about stopping whistle-blowing seems to go over everyone's head, including the doctors Paul. Call it "blowback" but it is just what happens.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

If employees that didn't pay

If employees that didn't pay voluntary union dues got a lower wage than those who did pay dues then there would surely be unions and people that paid them for the benefits offered. The problem, besides politics, is that payment should be voluntary because a system of voluntary exchange is a necessity in a free market.
If there was a sane monetary system in which the currency did not depreciate year over year then unions might become less popular but unless that happens I wouldn't expect to see unions go away anytime soon.

Just curious

Is it not allowed for a speaker at CPAC to endorse a candidate? So when Callista speaks, she can not mention her husband?

Im not impressed..

with Rands speech. And I say SPEECH..which is what it was...teleprompter reading speech. It wasn't anything but anecdotal and surface skimming. No real depth of anything, no real exposure of the corrupt conservative base, no real exposure of the decline of America...just Obama this and Obama that. I'll say it loud..Obama is NOT our problem! He is just a small part of a bigger and long standing problem. Blaming Obama for the fall of America is simply absurd and not truthful. Obama has further hurt this country, but he only inherited a wreck in progress. It's the republicans fault more than Obama.

I cant stand Obam, but I love truth...do you...what about Rand...does he?

It's now or never...time to hit the streets and spread the truth!

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Agree, pandering, theatrical

Give me a too long technical explanation of fiat money or central banking. Explain how war is immoral and destroys empires. Cheerleading is cheap.

And when you wind up with that the primary process is going to find our new hero, there's a specific name you are supposed to drop.

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