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Michigan Sign Wave Feb 27-28

Hello fellow DP'ers. The day before and the day of the election in Michigan I'll be on the corner of US23(old) and M59 waving my RP signs (by the drug store). This is in Hartland, Livingston County.

I have a few signs, a long official banner and some hand outs. Anyone in the area is free to join me. I may be the only guy standing out there in the cold but I don't care. It may look better if I wasn't the only one though.

Post up if you're interested. I haven't picked a time frame yet.

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...head down to Geddes Road and 23; University of Michigan area!


Would you be interested in a block-by-block canvas campaign with

Super-Brochures. I'm trying to put a team together. Can help with gas.

Let me know by email; We could possibly do it as one big team.


I can also get you some brochures in advance.

Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012