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FREE Judge Napolitano!

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Hey! Maybe he asked to be let

Hey! Maybe he asked to be let go so he could run as a VP! Wishful thinking.

Lets be real- FOX is eye candy

i dont blame anyone who likes certain programming. I personally like to know what theyre up to. When I talk to people about RP I like to know what Rachel Maddows told them the night before. I like other shows on the MSM. I watch it all online and Id really need to look at a list to know who advertises with them because I watch everything ad free. Please consider cancelling FOX on your cable- trust me- you can get all the eye candy, entertainment and heads up as to what the latest propaganda we're fighting is online. Yeah - they get hits if you visit their sites, but thats a small price to pay if youve hatcheted them from your cable. If you want to be a purist, go the extra mile and confine yourself to youtube. Anything that was ever broadcast can be found somewhere on youtube. Youre NOT going to miss anything. I think it may be time to start hitting them kind of hard. Cancelling FOX from your cable is a hard hit and itll be worth the inconvenience of waiting a day or two to see everything you want ad free online. At least give it some thought.

500 million? is that what it

500 million? is that what it would take to start up Liberty News network? John Stossel, Napolitano, who else could we get? A total independent News source.

If the average American

If the average American can't see that this move by FOX was done because he actually was speaking about Truths and also waking up a few people at the same time. What can you say to someone who refuses to see something that's happening right in front of their face? How can you explain this is an outright assault on the last shred of freedom in our media. How can our Government say anything about the press in any other country...Looks like when the Soviet Union collapsed, our spies grabbed all the Psych-Op manuals that were ransacked out of those government offices at that time.
Now Americans have to worry about KGB agents taking them off in the middle of the night to the GOULAG never to be seen or heard from again. The American media has become far worse than anything that ever existed in Russia at the height of it's glory. Maybe Judge Napo can get a "Freedom Watch" program going on Russia Today? It could be called "Pravda Se-void-ney" aka "Truth Today"

Called my cable co.

Time-Warner said I would have to change packages---it would take away all the upper tier channels. So I told them to cancel and just give me basic cable. I will have to depend on you guys for important videos and watch other stuff online. I have started watching lots of live stream stuff. It's fascinating. I think this is the way our news will be heading. The Syria conflict and some of the occupy movement live streams have been riveting.
BTW-Great video. I subscribed to his youtube channel. He has good videos about Ron Paul media blackout and Rand Paul's TSA incident.

We have a powerful way to make a statement....

The man on the tape said to call our local cable provider and tell them to take off the FOX Channels like the Business Channel that Fox runs. We know for sure that the MSM is not serving the American people,but they are influencing how and what we think. We must not allow FOX, CNN, NBC or whatever to tell us, or to program our minds. We get more TRUTH right here on line.

By the way...my wife and I have not had TV for about 6 years now and don't want any either. We expect Ron Paul to WIN...keep saying that over and over with feeling...thanks.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

That is a great video.

I will spread it around on fb and twitter.