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The Bible spends a great deal more time talking about money, economics, and thrift than it does gay marriage

This occurred to me this morning. Maybe it's a 'duh' moment, but there's only about 12 passages in the Bible that even mention homosexuality, while there is a plethora of passages that discuss money and thrift. It seems like God is far more interested in our financial choices. I'm not saying that makes the social issues non-issues, but it does put it into further perspective for me when I see people say that they like Ron Paul on economics but are supporting Rick Santorum because of his social issues stances.

I don't accept the premise that Santorum is better on social issues, of course, but even if you are arguing with someone who does, it may help to bring this up.

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I'm sorry but

If my broken soldier character cant make a reason or emotion appeal to these people, they wouldn't flinch shooting a puppy between the eyes.

The only appeal that might work, this person can beat BO.

Downvote if you want

but we are up against a demographic that believes that Gay Marriage is the unpardonable sin and that we must support candidates who make it their flagship issue. I've talked to lots of 'conservatives' who say they like Ron Paul's economic policy but prefer Rick Santorum's social stances. So if you are having a discussion with that demographic, it makes sense to have an argument to fall back on that falls precisely into their frame of reference. Or we can just continue using the same arguments we've been using and see Rick Santorum sweep more 'evangelical' states.