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The Contraception issue shouldn't be about Church and State...

It seems to me that just about everyone is missing the real issues with this. Its not about protecting the separation of church and state, its about an unconstitutional mandate that forces private organizations to provide healthcare and contraception to employees.

While I'm glad the churches are finally standing up for freedoms I'm disappointed that they are only standing up for themselves. It seems to me that as long as they get their little "waiver" they would happy to let everyone else's freedoms be trampled.

What about the catholic business owner who doesn't agree with this but his business is not affiliated with the church? Or for that matter, what about any business owners who doesn't want to do it.

The churches are a powerful group, I sure hope they don't let this waiver distract them from the real issue which should be removing this type of mandate from every American, not just the church.

Come on Bishops! Would Jesus stop with a waiver???? No, he would have fought for everyone!

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Broader freedom issues

It seems that behind most issues of religious freedom is the broader issue of liberties.

Focusing on the narrow religious issue harms in two ways.

1. It ignores the general harm in the infringement of rights and almost blesses it.

2. It gets courts and bureaucrats into the business of deciding what is religious activity and who qualifies for some religious exemption. The irony and paradox is that these acts of validating, almost licensing, religions creates establishment and prohibition that is unconstitutional.

Absolutely! This is what is upsetting me too!

What? Churches have more rights than we individuals? Or they get their rights observed simply because they have political pull, but if we don't want something, we have to pay for it anyway because, we don't have the political power to stop thugs with guns forcing us?

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Or gov't is putting a poison pill in the insurance requiremernts

causing businesses (or churches) to drop coverage rather than comply with objectionable requirements.

Then government swoops in to "rescue" those who lost their employer subsidized insurance, replacing it with taxpayer subsidized insurance.