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"POLICE - SEARCH WARRANT!" *Mother and Child Screaming*

The Police have become the real terrorists in this country. The AG in this state is so dumb they actually posted to Youtube them busting down the door of some stay at home mom and her little girl. For what you ask? Someone downladed some music from the interwebs.

They didn't open the door in 30 seconds so they busted it down.

The local news media actually praised them for this.



With over $2.7 billion lost to the economy and tax payers annually through music piracy, the Utah SECURE Strike Force is cracking down and earned themselves a Gold Record for recovering thousands of pirated CDs.

"Usually you have to sell a lot of albums to get a Gold record, but this is a great recognition for recovering thousands of forged CDs," says Shurtleff. "These pirated discs represent lost jobs for businesses and lost taxes for state coffers."


Another criminal taken off the streets!

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