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Ron Paul Second in Maine with 36%; Only 84% of Vote Counted - Open Thread

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factually false, at least partially

The decision to delay was not understood to also disregard the votes by the decision-makers, in at least one instance:

But Washington County GOP Chairman Chris Gardner objected, saying he had known his county's tally wouldn't be included in Saturday's announcement but didn't realize it wouldn't be counted at all. He said he had called state party leaders and "expressed my complete and utter dismay."


...and pretty rude otherwise.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

Would like to know when....

.....he "expressed is dismay"....

before or AFTER the backlash from the public.

Either way, it COULD be a sign that they are backpedaling a bit because of all the outrage that has occurred and may end up allowing the Washington Co. votes.

You know four

years ago we would be jumping for joy with a second place finnish... But, we have set our sites on the prize... Thinking. Second is real good... for a campaign that is loathed, blacked-out, ridiculed, lied to, cut off in mid stream speaches, told over and over we can't win, laughed at, and totally not wanted in the GOP. Second place in Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Third in Neveda, Iowa, and Colorado are very good showings. I bow to Ron Paul for all that he has done for the cause. There are things that I would do differently like all of us would. But, we have to hand it to this man for getting the views we all follow out to all the country. It isn't his fault nor ours that we are not winning. People out there know what he stands for now. It is there fault that we are not winning. They are the problem. Not the campaign, not Ron Paul, not us. They can read, they can seek, they can watch, they can look for the candidate and determine themselves now who is best. We all on here are political savy. They are not. They do not want to be. They show no interset in seeking the truth. I am an older supporter of Ron Paul. I see very entusiastic group of people on here and there must be more out there that do not come to the Daily-Paul for their information. I am so happy to see that this country will be one day infested by liberty minded people. It is a movement that can not be stopped. Ron Paul has stated this over and over. He has done what he has intended to do. Educate millions of like minded people to carry his words on. The Establishment Republican Party is growing old. They are getting less and less. It was seen in the vote of the Tea party in 2010. It is seen now in the candidacy in four yrs of Ron paul. His numbers have grown. Yes I agree there is corruption in the party. And, the way the tally of the votes go through we can see tampering. But, think, they have to cheat now to win. In the future, They will have to hide, because we are coming to take over this great country called the United States of America!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

It's all good!

Chill out everyone.. this campaign is 1000 times bigger than 'only' winning the presidency - I think someone already pointed that out correctly.
Did you notice that RP almost never talks specifically against Obama, nor against his oponents - although he could?! Why? Because it is not Obama who is the only problem, it is not Newt/Mitt either, nor is it Santorum. They all don't matter!
Instead, RP uses every bit of opportunity to spread the message. Once it's out and received, the things will take care of themselves! Look at the numbers since 2008 - those are mostly folks in their twenties! Brushfires of Liberty.
Focus on the delegates, spread the message and good things will happen.

Campign for liberty is even more important than 2012 campaign

I want to see RP win the Presidency more than anything, but I will not hold my breath. The real value of this campaign is in the education of the thinking majority of the country, putting in place people with an appreciation of liberty in positions of power at all levels of town, county, state and national government.Once the R3volution BECOMES the Establishment, change will be rapid.

Rights belong to individuals, not groups; they derive from our nature and can neither be granted nor taken away by government. Ron Paul

Maine added 33 Republicans in the last 4 years

Google is showing a total vote count for all four candidates to be 5,524. The population of Maine is 1,328,361. Do the math! Less than one-half of one percent actually showed up to vote in the Republican Caucus. Go to Wikipedia and research the 2008 vote totals for Maine (5,491 total votes in 2008). If these people won't show up to vote, they certainly won't show up to volunteer as a delegate - should be a cake walk for die-hard RP volunteers. It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings!

"VENGEANCE is MINE, saith the LORD"

For all of us RP Christians out there, we need to keep praying for Dr. Paul. Those who are doing evil against him & us will pay in the end, one way or another.

It is sheer DISHONESTY, when this shifty bunch of hooligans called the GOP have to change their rules constantly, cancel a caucus at the last minute due to a couple pathetic inches of snow, secretly count the ballots, hide the ballots from us, allowed no I.D.'s in Iowa, threaten to the world that if their citizens vote for Ron Paul it "won't count", and in general, just be so anti-Ron Paul that it feels that they hate him even more than Obama.

But, I want to say that there is NO REASON why Dr. Paul couldn't say to the Media during an interview that voter fraud and the manipulation of the caucuses smacks of pure election engineering, and the campaign is NOT happy with it, and our supporters aren't either.

Yes, Dr. Paul can say this. He doesn't have to have total proof of it. It's a shall we say~~a strong suspicion.

Frustrated, a little venting, please don't kill me...

I'm not sure how to feel at the moment. I find a direness creeping over me. Like, time is slipping past, we're losing our chance. What should I be thinking right now? Sure, our country needs this man more than anything, but should he not win...what then? Where do I turn?

Donate - you'll feel better doing something concrete

Are you going to let an irrelevant news corporation and a few fascist hooligans in Maine control wonderful ideas, your perception of the world in one evening? They're twisted.

I'm not.

You are not alone!
If we weren't so powerful and effective none of this Maine chicanery would be necessary.

RE: Where to turn

To yourself!

Should Dr. Paul not get the nomination, that will be horrible and all, but it'll be far from over. When enough people realize what's going on and enough people damn the consequences of standing up to tyranny, only then will we truly win, Paul presidency or no. A Paul presidency is only part of it. The revolution is YOU and I.

This is about changing minds more than anything else. We've already influenced enough people to have changed the national conversation, and it's only going to spread further, faster.

This is what I try to remember on days like these. Place faith in yourself to make change above all else.

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Great advice.

I totally agree. It is the people that are making the change. Dr. Paul is just one of the many pieces to this enormous puzzle. One thing I would like to say though:

After much careful deliberation I've decided that, hyperbole aside, Dr. Paul is probably the most inspirational figure I've ever encountered. I hope some day I can shake his hand. That said I would like to say that people should remember that Paul said "have fun!" Let's do that! Then we can allow that bitter-sweet feeling to push us to our next great triumph.

It 1984 All Over Again...

They can make you believe 2+2 = 5...

I don't trust that slimy GOP Chair Charlie "M"

True Change does not come easy.

Understand that this is the FIRST political show where either establishment party has shown its cards to the broad audience. Never before has Americans Seen such bias, Such corruption, such influence from the likes of Adelson. How do I know? I used to be apart of the herd. I never cared about politics, instead I cared more for biology, programming, science and math. Now I am focused on supporting Paul through independant research. I was a bit shocked tonight to see what I saw, should I have been? No. I should have expected this. However, The Republican party aswell as the entire establishment is walking a VERY fine line pretending to be a Democracy. If proven false. This country will relive the past.

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disappointed-yes. Certainly not discouraged

I've been searching but cannot seem to find Webster's definition for, "Chuck you Farlie."

Any thoughts?

We won hands down. And that is it!!!


Yes AFTER you snuck in suprise 2 caucuses, and did some other dirty work, not letting ron win the beauty contest. NOW I will register DEMONCRAT after the GOP convention and push all the people I know to vote for OBUMMER. Yes. YOU pushed me to this. Furthermore, you CHOSE to not have a peaceful Revolution, I pray OBUMMER will instigate the NONpeaceful one. DON'T think the RP people will not remember you.

AND I'm a buddist. SARC

Freedom may be worth searching for.

I have given up on my fellow Americans, (not DPers) as I will not shed one more calorie trying to awaken anyone else who is not a critical thinker and does not have the inherent feeling that something is wrong.

Nobody is PUSHING you to do ANYTHING

People of principle stand on their principle no matter what is happening in the external world around them. Perhaps you should meditate on this concept and see what is the illusion that makes you want to support Obama if Ron Paul isn't chosen for the GOP just because the GOP is run by a bunch of .... Many of us are working to help manifest another reality, not just play the victim if things don't go our way easily.


Do you really think the bankers care whether " you" elect B. O. or any Republican but Ron Paul. Dr. Paul is the only candidate they fear. He is the only one who is talking about a return to the rule of law, respect for individual liberty and the end of political rape by the Washington "elite". If you had committed all their crimes, wouldn't you be terrified too?

Feeling Fear? You're living in the future.
Feeling Depressed? You're living in the past.
Who would you be without your story? —Byron Katie

When the desire to bring about a change in you is not there,
the demand to change the world is not there eit

Self destruction will never

Self destruction will never lead you in a positive direction.


is a Birth or REBIRTH of a country. No self destruction there.

Freedom may be worth searching for.

I have given up on my fellow Americans, (not DPers) as I will not shed one more calorie trying to awaken anyone else who is not a critical thinker and does not have the inherent feeling that something is wrong.

As a fairly new RP supporter

As a fairly new RP supporter can someone explain why a RP representative or any other supporters rep be there when they count the votes at the caucuses and at the state level to confirm and verify all these votes. Also, why aren't all the votes read out loud as they are counted at the actual caucuses before being phones in or emailed. I am not a conspiracy person by a long shot, but I became a RP supporter shortly after I heard about media bias in the summer and have been taking mental notes on what I had seen and heard on all three of the big networks, and it was sooo apparent that it made me angry and so I switched from a democrat to a republican so I can vote for ROn Paul in the primary even though I didn't know much about him. Shortly there after I did more research and found out how much I agreed with Dr. Paul and that he was the only one telling the truth!

I noticed today that CNN.com did not have the county map posted online like had for every primary and caucus this far. And did anyone else find it odd that the two counties in Maine with the biggest RP support happened to have " Winter Storm Warnings" for such a small amount of snow for that area thus canceling the caucusing. All of these things are starting to no longer become just coincidental anymore. I really hope someone within these states breaks their silence soon and comes out with video or audio of potential fraud if it is truly happening.

I will continue spreading the word and supporting RP all the way to inauguration day!

It Just Show What We are Up Against

Show up to vote, become a delegate to your county convention. Show up to your county convention. If you didn't get elected or choose not to become a delegate or alternate, then volunteer at the county convention for the Republican Party. I am sure they need help especially in the high population counties. Show up for the Ron Paul's campaign to help other non-RP delegate learn the message of Liberty. Look your best, dress sharp, cut and groom your hair and facial hairs when attending these convention. We are here to represent the best for Ron Paul. Learn the Robert's Rules of Order. Be prepare and know what is going on and when the your county and state convention date, time and place. If you want Ron Paul to win you MUST SHOW UP.

Im so sick of not coming in

Im so sick of not coming in first..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Maybe you should acknowledge that

there is dishonesty, and possible fraudulent behavior by the GOP then?

Use that rage to persuade 3

Use that rage to persuade 3 of your colleagues why it's in their interest to support a candidate who is completely hated on by the MSM!!!!!

This is the same way I felt

driving home from the Iowa Straw Poll, thinking we had convincingly won the event only to hear later that someone had just barely beaten us out.

Rigged or not we've gotta be mentally tough enough to persevere. Karma will come back to bite these guys in the end. I believe this to be a universal law.


Where's the list of new Maine caucuses!?

For tomorrow, I was in comments it was newly posted from Facebook. Maine GOP just added new cities. Anyone have that?


who's they?

This isn't some media org problem.

The votes ARE counted, by the GOP.

The GOP is the problem.

Other than that, the only possible finger of blame would need to be pointed at Ron Paul supporters at all the caucuses failing to record and PUBLICIZE results in each caucus.

That wasn't done, indeed, as well reported here at DailyPaul, the campaign officially obstructed such efforts.

It's one thing to lose a rigged vote due to underhanded efforts.

It's quite another to aid and abet such efforts.

Those rosy scenario people who think of the GOP as in any way Grand need to open their eyes and see with whom they have chosen to lie down.

THAT would be worth examination.

Simply attempting to scold the media for reports on what's been counted when the counting is an integral part of each caucus (which, by definition, IS a vote count) misses the point entirely.

ALL that being said, I, for one, DO NOT blame either the campaign or the good Ron Paul supporters in Maine, who have worked their butts off and brought us a great victory.

Yes, it's a victory!

When are people going to understand?

It IS about the delegates.

Why won't people just stop watching the damn TV?

No Instant Gratification

After 100 years of the FED, 70 years of the welfare state and 40 years since Nixon severed ties (internationally) with gold, this misguided ship (the USS America) is going to take along time to be put back on the right course. I'm proud that Dr. Paul did as well as he did in Maine considering that his pockets are not as deep as Romneys and the media bias that we're all too aware of. Dr. Paul is still getting his messages out. I've voted for him since 1988, even when he went back to practicing medicine I wrote him in. This man has the nerve to stand up for us. I'm with him all the way.

lol, Excellent perspective.

lol, Excellent perspective. Thanks!

Vote Fraud?

Imagine you meet Charlie Webster in person and he has all the votes in a box with him. Imagine you ask to see them, and he quickly grabs the box stuffs it in a safe, and tells you to go away.

It's not enough proof for the court of law. But that is enough for me. Never in my Life has an honest man acted that way.