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Caucus tonight in Wisconsin

I contacted the leader of my county Republican Party and found out we are having a caucus tonight in Wisconsin. I made sure to find out where it is and I'm posting the information here for anyone living in SE Wisconsin:
The County Caucus is this evening at 8:00 pm at Fort Community Credit Union, Jefferson, WI. It is the large yellow brick building at the main intersection [2nd light] in Jefferson - North east corner {left as you come in from WTTN} ~ Puerner room. There is a brainstorming session with Jim Sensenbrenner at 7:00 beforehand.
I am going and will do my best to become a delegate. Keep up the good fight everyone!

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Hey Bruce...

Once you're done with you're caucus update this thread and add this link


Then lets try to keep this alive for us Wisconsinites when more caucuses roll around...


And for the rest of you:

Saturday, February 11
Pierce County Caucus
Columbia County Caucus
Waupaca County Caucus and Lincoln Day Dinner
Rock/Walworth County Lincoln Day
Clark County Lincoln Day Dinner and Caucus
Washburn County Caucus
Washburn County Lincoln Day Dinner
Sunday, February 12
Washington County Lincoln Day Brunch and Caucus
Grant County Caucus
Dodge County Lincoln Day Dinner and Caucus
Monday, February 13

Keep posted!

Somewhere there are men planning the next destructive and evil ploy to make this world their own... The common man is not part of that plan as we would see fit... Merely pawns to be used against one another.


For the comments. I tried to explain in one reply that this seemed to be the very first step in the process here...to simply get your name on the list. Then during the county caucus a similar process and then a state level with presentations. It seems like the rules are different from location to location. At the meeting I attendedd, there wasn't any voting beyond the ayes to the motion to accept the list of names. But, one of the reasons I'm getting active in this is to make sure no shady practices occur during votes and reported results. I will report as things happen. Thanks to everyone, who contribute to the various parts of the puzzle so as to give everyone the complete picture!

Please tell us the results

Please tell us the results and did you upload it to Watch the vote 2012 or here? Anyone going to a caucus needs to be equipped with a video recorder and or cell phone to take pics.Can't leave any of these places without the recorded results!!! Or we are giving to them to fix! I hope everyone is clearly aware that these GOP people are mostly frauds behind the scenes and CANNOT be trusted!

Any thing else?

Is that the end of the delegate process in Jefferson county? Will there be any follow up meetings?

how did it go?

how did it go?


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does this include walworth

does this include walworth county residents? Sensenbrenner is from waukesha right?

I am not 100% sure

I wish I knew more, but am just recently getting up to speed. I've always been a libertarian so this is all new to me. I believe since Jim mentioned it was for our county, it is just Jefferson but I would say attend if you can. Otherwise I would suggest contacting the person in charge of Walworth county.

Not what I thought

Well, I'm new to the Republican caucus process so this ended up being a regular meeting. However, the mostion was made and passed to approve the list of delegates who have come forward. I was on that list so now comes the process to represent Wisconsin in Tampa!