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"New" Caucus sites being added in Maine; is Sheldon Adelson holding one?

UPDATE: There now appears to be some change in the number of caucuses long scheduled for tomorrow.

Some (or at least one major, a Super Caucus) is/are being moved to Saturday, the 18th instead of the originally scheduled Feb 11th)

As always, it's important to note any reasonable explanations. In Maine, many (not all) caucuses originally listed "snow dates" and there is a forecast for some snow (at this point, it's not a huge storm, by Maine standards, but it could explain the reason for the changes).

Also, the change in the Super Caucus, which is in a snow prone area (it IS Maine, after all) was changed by the county, which simply needs to notify others, which has been done and appears to be the main source of these "complaints" thus far...so, at least on the date change, I see no obvious sign of any problems.

And, as always, KEEP watching!

Original post follows below:

Some Maine Ron Paul supporters now assert that there are at least 2 new caucus sites and times which they just were made aware of...

Additionally, one person saying that one town has an LDS church, obviously wondering if it could be coincidence.

The Mark Twain part of me wonders if Sheldon Adelson recently converted to LDS and wants to enable caffeine free caucus sites for those with his new religious obligations...

All kidding aside...

There IS an important note or qualification here:

an active Ron Paul supporter in Maine says she and others have known about the addition of these 2 "new" caucus sites for approx one week and consider the people running them to be honest and helpful.

And, it's important to remember that some people reported that a few of the earlier caucuses were moved up to earlier times, without adequate notice.

All of this does bear watching, closely.

Below are 2 locations which apparently were not originally posted on the Maine GOP website---and that might just be a simple case of honest human error, but it IS worth wondering why it didn't get officially corrected and "announced" until hours ago:

Somerset - Norrwidgewock - 2/11/2012 - 10:00 - Norrwidgewick Town Office - 16 Perkins Street - Norridgewock - 4957

Somerset - Smithfield - 2/11/2012 - 1:00 - Smithfield Town Office - 926 Village Road Smithfield - 4978

I've only summarized here what has been reported by some Ron Paul supporters.

I'll correct anything or update if necessary.

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Dont know if the above statement is true.

but here is a site that should be able to help if you live in Maine


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