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Former Ron Paul Staffer Don Rasmussen Breaks Down the Delegate Race

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So we have to talk for Ron influence on Romney if he win Obama?First exept Ron anyone have 0 chance to go against Obama.If Romney get nominated he will have to go against his principle sponsor-Goldman which is actualy Federal Reserve,which is actualy Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.And by the way they have a bird Obama in the cage.Why they need Romney to blow up their cover?They can play nice billionaries which want to pay more tax,just to keep printing press in their hand.If there is battle between puppets gues who have bigger chance to win.Holly crap...puppet-masters!!!So lets now see what is actualy so called induced influence on nominated candidate from broker-convention.Its amount on BIG NOTHING!!!But Mitt is nice guy,...he promiss FLIP-FLOP.You remember the CHANGE guy?Mitt has at least clear past ,and you can count on his consistency to flip-flop on convention promisess which after presidential elections amount on TOTAL NOTHING.Lets now see the point that we have to keep Newt and Santorum in the race.Wow!Two guys who actualy grab evagelical and conservative vote from Ron Paul and will give to Romney anyway.They dilute and lower our result,so what is the logic.It comes down to
swing of Ron Paul suporters on convention day.Swing towards Romney nomination.Where the battle has to be between Romney and Paul become anyone else against Romney.So we suceed to get out Bacwoman,Huntsman and Perry and in days in front will show that useless is vote for Newt and Santorum...we have to keep them in race on our cost?I will say...Newt and Sant to get 900 delegates is total absurd,but where in this thinking of Adams interview is Ron Paul mommentum.No there is none,because for that guy Don is imposible event.It is posible, and will be shown how will rock the base of Democrats.Now for imbecil thinking that Ron should do this or that.Libertarian should say and do what he think.That is why Ron Paul is so great.In 2008 on the stage he alone have policy to pull out of Iraq.So do you think that he should be in shame for that and he have to tune down what make him who he is? CHAMPION OF FREEDOM!...Total nonsense from Adam and Don.This is out of any meaningfull suport for cause of Freedom and Liberty.TOTAL CRAP

Why is this stupid and

Why is this stupid and hostile video still posted on the front page? It consists of one (obviously) wavering Ron Paul supporter and one disaffected former campaign worker exchanging the same meaningless banalities ("He can't win" and "Everything OK but foreign policy") that all Neocons have been repeating for months. I suppose they are trying to show how sophisticated and "realistic" they are which is some excuse, I suppose, for them, but why should the DP be providing the forum for their narcissistic self-indulgence? Is the "Daily Paul" turning against Dr. Paul or what?

The revolution will continue regardless of the election.

Ron Pauls stradegy is perfect because he knows this not about elections or democracy, it is about freedom. Ron Paul needs to talk about foreign and monetary policy as loud as he can, because regardless of the results of the elections, liberty will prevail. If Mit Romney becomes presisdent, the countries situation will become worse, and all the freedom movement need to do is keep on talking about the fed and ending the wars. People will eventually get it and realize they live in tyranny, this will bring down the government regardless who is in power. People will simply stop paying tax and start using their own market currency. The new world order is finished, regardless of who wins the election, but let us hope it will be Ron Paul so the transition from tyranny to liberty will be a little smoother.

Best Regards
Nicholas Zounis - Director of Technology & Innovations

This guy sucks

1st good decision from the campaign was talking about a new foreign policy.

2nd good decision by the campaing was firing this asshat.

Whatever you think about it..

Whatever you think about it.. his "tough medicine" is spot on.. Paul is going up an orthodoxy that has been in place for near a century. It won't change right away, this is a long term fight. You never know what could happen by convention time, so keep participating here and beyond.

Is he really for Ron Paul?

About half way through the interview I started wondering why this guy is a "former" Ron Paul staffer. I then realised that he doesn't really get it. He probably has been absorbing the corp. media mantra for so long that he himself is convinced that we need to be the policemen of the world. Not attacking Iran, is probably the most important issue on the table today for the American people.
Ron Paul can win and will win. That is all I have to say.

Participate in America's future- Research Ron Paul- Truth will Prevail! You too, will be proud one day, to be able to say: "I was a Ron Paul supporter."

I don't think he is for being

I don't think he is for being the world policeforce. I think he knows the GOP and is being realistic about we're up against. I've said the same things (for the most part) many times on here... attitudes won't change overnight.


that is the issue they should have talked first: why is rasmussen not on board anymore?

maybe others know better, but i'm not familiar with his story and they didn't touch it. so none of both have credibility to me.



So, the takeaway from this interview is 1) Ron Paul can't win, period, and 2) nine times out of ten the MSM is not pushing an agenda, they're just a little unfocused.

How great to have this guy on our side. He forgot to add that vote counts are always honest, and that terrorists hate Freedom.

i don't understand this part:

with every candidate that drops out the chances for the others actually drop... except for romney (09:33 - 10:10)


and why is it then, that the campaign attacks the weakest opponents (newt) first and tries to make this a 2 man race...

they even say in the interview that it is harder to become the nominee BECAUSE there are more candidates...


Ron Paul is crazy....

crazy like a fox!

Thanks Adam!



is becoming fishy to me. First he marches with veterans on Washington, and, then, he says that Ron Paul is not articulating well his foreign policy and that he should not bring up the issue of Iran if not asked about it?

Ron Paul articulates his foreign policy incredibly well, masterfully.

Adam, on the other side, is either hysterical, or has a secret agenda.

Trying to see into another's heart

means you are not keeping tabs on your own. This is a brutal battle. The ONLY heart you will ever know is your own, so keep it in check and love others for doing the best they can.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.


Adam is offering himself as a leader, and he needs scrutiny as such. He is maybe acting in a good faith, but, still, he needs to improve. Your story about hearts reminds me of the story that talking politics is impolite. It is certainly better to discuss politics before it is too late.

No, this is all wrong right from the start.

What Don and Kokesh absolutely miss is the very first reason we have such a different race this time: the situation (our country's existence) is much more dire, the people are not at all complacent since they're not actively throwing their support to another candidate by capitulation, instead opting to stick it to the end. This is a battle that must be fought on a personal level, through debates and discussions with everyone among likely voters, friends and family.

We all know Ron is 1,000 times the superior to the other knuckleheads still stumbling in the dark about delegates in the race; to convince these older voters and the American people in general is what needs to be done. Defeating the media lie machine really takes a top priority.

Ron Paul refuses to market/articulate his foreign policy

I like how this confirmed exactly what I've been saying about the campaign since day 1.

Ron Paul needs hardcore foreign policy plan/ads, otherwise it's already a loss.

Seriously, "Let's be friends with Iran and North Korea and follow a 'Golden Rule'?"

Come on Paul, put some of the pride aside and win this thing.



Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Please don't tell me you are

Please don't tell me you are one of the people criticizing RP for discussing the Golden Rule.

Maybe MLK should have dropped that whole schtick too right?

RP has been no stranger to opposition. But he has always triumphed by being unwavering and putting trust in the rationality and intelligence of his audiences.

People will catch on. Have faith. The brushfires are burning and it is only a matter of time before the case is made clear -- Obama supports the wars, and the GOP must not. The only man strong enough to carry the torch of peace is Ron Paul.

You make a very good point

History shows the American people have always voted for the anti war candidate. Wilson pledged to not enter WWI, FDR ran on not getting involved in WWII, Johnson was elected as the peace candidate over Goldwater and then did not run for reelection due to Vietnam and Nixon was elected on a promise to get out of Vietnam. Obama campaigned on a promise to get out of Iraq. At CPAC last year RP got one of the biggest ovations when he said "if we go to war, declare it, win it and come home". I don't see his foreign policy incompatible with the majority of the American people if its clearly understood.

MLK was not running for the GOP nomination--such a flawed

comparison to even begin with.

The Golden Rule thing was a slip-up from a man who claims tactics and strategy and used Campaign for Liberty to fund ads for a pro-war candidate.

This is a two-way street. If he wants to sit Nystrom down and talk all about tactics that's fine. Okay, whatever wins with the least dirt between the teeth--this is the real world after all.

But to tell me Ron Paul is purely a blind idealist and an open book is not even close to true. He has people telling him--people he is paying OUR $$$ for advice--that he needs to do something with his foreign policy.

Like Kokesh said, go ahead and talk about Iran constantly, but what about when the debate is over? Where is the frame to this scribble of picture?

Context: that's what I--and many who want Paul to win--are after. Everyone has an Achilles's Heel, but you best put a boot on it if you know you're going into combat.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

No Deal!!

If the Republicans would rather lose than cede the Presidency to Paul then so be it. Let Paul run as an independent if he must. I will follow him and I have been Republican my whole life. That said, the delegates for Paul may surprise everyone and he may have the position of top dog once the 1st round of voting is through. The advantage that the Paul delegates have is that they will not back down from a game of chicken. Once with Paul always with Paul. The other campaigns will be brokering and trying to gain favor in the customary manner that has destroyed all consistency. Delegates will look to Paul and see a consistent message that needs no brokerage to amend, it has been thought through. That may draw more delegates than expected. RP 2012!! Come hell or broken party.

I found an old DP thread from 2008 that is still relevant

It wouldn't let me comment on it, but I think the mods should re-post it.


ytc's picture

VERY informative insightful thread!

"National political conventions are equal parts carnival, prime-time soap opera, policy lecture and weeklong party. They are easy to caricature and increasingly anachronistic. But they have been an important element of the liturgy of democracy."

This quote from Karl Rove's article almost makes me want to walk away from any political gatherings, if it wasn't for the dire state we are in right now.



To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!


There is still a bit of time left before things really begin to get mixed up. Coalitions should not be ruled out as RP states.


i hope Dr.Paul

dont sell us out. i would rather he bowed out than join romny.we all know what the globalist are trying to do,and thats buttering us up for the KILL.i wont vote and im holding off on donating any more money till i here that Dr Paul isnt helping willard romney the biggest white rhino.


He will not sell us out! Hes

He will not sell us out! Hes been fighting for Liberty and Freedom since before I was born! He doesn't want VP anyway! My guess is that the ticket is reverse Paul/Romney. And please do not stop donating! The good doctor needs all of us to show him some love this Valentines day for the No One But Paul Moneybomb!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

VP to Romney?!?! Don't u dare utter such nonsense!

The negativity this guy exudes and puts out as "mathematical impossibility" is NOT what Ron Paul is all about! Ron Paul has been doing the impossible since the first day he ran for a office! I can't believe Adam Kokesh would even entertain this garbage demoralizing talk! As others have noted, it is the IDEA that Ron Paul represents that is important. He couldn't care less if he won the nomination or even the election if America understood more about the IDEAS he's dedicated his life to spreading (monetary policy, individual freedom/liberty/responsibility, and non-interventionism). Winning the election is secondary to changing the path of the country. It would be an indication that the country is moving his way, but it is not the end objective, it is only the means to an end. He probably would have been happy to continue practicing medicine as a country doctor than to have to wade through the sludge of politics - he only did so because he felt that there was a NEED to do so... because he could not stand by and watch the country go down the path its on. That's what inspires so many of us to follow him, because he lives the life we only dream of - to have the courage to dedicate his entire life without reserve or concern for the opposition or consequences to the ideas this country was founded on. And the path that we are on is a path towards World War 3 if we keep up with this militarism around the world! there is NOTHING more important, and HE SHOULD push this as the utmost objective of his platform. HE SHOULD PUSH LOUDER AND HARDER!! The truth will prevail, and people WILL come around once they see what a huge mistake we are making!! THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT!!! DAMN, this guy pisses me off!! I really hate going off on a guy that I don't even know, but I just get the sense that he's a wolf in sheep's clothing trying to divide our efforts and distract us from within. Maybe it's because of his name... is he related to the Rasmussen Poll organization at all? I hear that guy on NPR all the time spewing statistical propaganda trying to sound "fair and balanced"...

The Only Deal My Vote

will get is a Paul/Romney ticket! In no way will I vote for the good Dr. for VP! Its not going to happen. Paul 4 president or nothing! Romney will have 8 years to learn a thing or two from Paul then. And after 8 years of Paul im sure America will be a wonderful place to live!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Even then, though...

...would have to constantly watch his back to make sure the establishment wasn't going to bump him out somehow to get Romney in the driver's seat.

My concern also.

Reagan did not want Bush either.
There was an attempt on his life.