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How Ron Paul Rocked Our Family (Mentions The Daily Paul!)

Professor Jo Ann Cavallo discusses how Ron Paul impacted her life.

Wonderfully inspiring article from the Columbia Spectator

Having set my homepage to the Daily Paul, I reactivated my Facebook account to post Paul-related articles, switched my affiliation from independent to Republican to vote in the primaries, and began shopping at the campaign’s on-line store. My son brought in rally signs to his high school teachers for their classrooms and started a Youth for Ron Paul chapter at Columbia within minutes of enrolling as an incoming freshman. Our concentrated focus on Paul-related news was initially disconcerting to my daughter, a Columbia College sophomore. Over Thanksgiving break she complained of feeling displaced by a new baby in the family and sought help from Yahoo! Answers: “My family is obsessed with politics! They’re driving me nuts. What can I do?” (Ironically, the best answer came from someone with the opposite problem who offered to trade parents.) Yet by semester’s end she was relating Ron Paul to her CC readings, especially Locke on the government’s role to protect the natural rights of liberty and property. When she started playing Ron Paul songs on YouTube and phoning-from-home, I knew she was a Ronvert! She even succeeded in convincing her grandmother to vote for the first time since the 1960s.

Read it all at the Columbia Spectator

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Before any more time goes by

I wanted to thank Kathleen Gee and GBAmerica for posting my piece to the DP and everyone else for such wonderful comments. I had originally submitted the op-ed to the Columbia Spectator with links to several videos and articles in order to show the "why" as well as the "how" of the story. Unfortunately, the piece was published without the links because of a glitch, and today, after a week of gentle reminders, I was finally told that it's too late to reformat the article to include the links.
Jo Ann Cavallo


Hello, I am the daughter

Hello, I am the daughter mentioned in the article. I am so thankful and proud that my mother made me see the light. Once I had cried accusing her of loving Dr. Paul more than me and she responded that she supported him because she loved me so much and wanted to protect my future. Since those days, we have spent many family dinners huddled around the Daily Paul. Instead of me always asking her to change the topic away from politics, I'm the one always bringing it up. I also wear my Ron Paul shirts everyday and debate with my liberal friends every night. I take phone-from-home study breaks and always bring up Ron Paul in my classes. Never having cared about politics or the news, I now find myself becoming a very informed citizen. My brother, who has always been a very quiet loner, has begun talking to his classmates and has even converted 5 people. (In fact, we are having a competition to see you can get the most people.) Needless to say, Ron Paul has changed all of our lives for the better. Thank you at the Daily Paul for your dedication and reliable news sources, you've made all the difference.


There is no political line of division for the Ron Paul supporter.

Truth is truth.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Spreading the message among leftists

This article took my breath away. As a former leftist (a European Ronvert since before 2001) I can understand that there's a barrier to break when one is immersed in the left-liberal paradigm. I have made it my focus to seek to break that barrier in a field that is highly fertile for Ron Paul and his message. Take the OWS kids, for example. Most of them don't know whether they're coming or going, fighting off windmills and idolising false prophets. What does it take to make these people open their minds to Ron Paul's message? Europe is full of these lost activists. And they're falling into the trap of collectivism... again.

It's up to us I

It's up to us I guess.
Fighting windmills? Lol... the Dutch Occupy movement is hugging them, because like trees they have rights too. I went to their camp in Amsterdam and laughed my ass off. If you're looking for great acid, that's probably the place to be.

And what to think of the populism? Turns out that's all about 'don't touch mah welfare!!' too. Not that I liked them any better when it was all unfounded racism.

Ron Paul's message is the only hope

Yes, welfarism in Europe is an untouchable mantra cutting across the left-centre-right paradigm. And they all like their government, be it at the local, national or supernational level. The ensuing conflicts at every level can only play in the hands of the EU supranational government.

The only pin that can prick this collectivist bubble is Ron Paul's message - like computer programming, it's simple, once you understand how it works.

True. But I'm not too scared

True. But I'm not too scared of the supranational government. I studied European Law and the politics, it's already past the point of no return. One of my favorite filmquotes is from a french film called La Haine:

"Do you know the story about a man falling from the 50th floor of a building? With every passing floor he reassures himself: so far, everything's fine. so far, everything is fine. so far, everything's fine. But it's not how you fall. It's how you land.. "

The EU is that man right now.

It is a great article!

I also put it up this morning.
Ron Paul 2012!


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What a heart-warming delightful tribute to the Good Doc in

a beautifully written English language!

DailyPaul gem of the day.

Damn that was a good excerpt.


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Wonderfully written, heartening article.

Thanks for posting; it is amazing to see inroads into the ivory bastions of Progressivism.

In the article they mention

In the article they mention the documentary "Why We Fight". Great documentary! If u havn't seen it yet google it. im pretty sure its still on google video for free!!!


Here's the Yahoo! Answers Link: “My family is obsessed with politics! They’re driving me nuts. What can I do?”


2 Thumbs up! RON

2 Thumbs up! RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!

My family too!

I've been experiencing the excitement associated with being a Ron Paul supporter too. I put the sticker on my car. I wear my RP shirt around NYC for maximum exposure. The other day at the mall someone shouted "Ron Paul" at me and I turned and waved back. It's starting to feel like a brotherhood of enlightened Americans!..My youngest daughter still says it's "embarrassing", when I pick her up at school wearing my Ron Paul gear. My older daughter is on board, bringing up Ron Paul in class discussions.

Participate in America's future- Research Ron Paul- Truth will Prevail! You too, will be proud one day, to be able to say: "I was a Ron Paul supporter."

Great find

Thank you.
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Columbia? Good school.

Great for your two children to attend. I'm sure they are outnumbered by the Obama supporters on campus. Just convince one person a day. And thank Grandma for going out and voting for the good Dr.