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I certainly wouldn't discourage anyone who finds cause to associate with and campaign for Ron Paul from doing so, but I have to speak out against those that advocate for or defend progressivism.

Progressivism is explicitly anti-liberty. Its founding principles are derived from the notion that man can be guided by the collective knowledge of an enlightened mankind.

In other words, the 'experts' tell everyone what's good for them. Progressives spearheaded prohibition, the creation of the modern welfare state, the federal reserve, the eugenics movement (literally inspiring Hitler and Mussolini, who took cues from AMERICAN progressives and pragmatists), and on and on.

Today progressives are cursed by the same essential worldview: that an agnostic 'fairness' is the moral absolute for the modern age, that societies ills are caused by both INDIVIDUAL self-interest, and INDIVIDUALS making their own decisions, and that only an interventionist state, run by expert 'peer-reviewed' knowledge, for the sake of 'making things fair, should have the power to decide things of any import in life.

Things like: what to study, where to work, whether to have kids, what to eat, what to do about health, what dreams and visions to pursue, etc.

Progressives have been the traditional 'cousins' of the liberty movement: early 'radicals' shared the progressives' open minded approach to using science and objective discovery to suggest new paths and mores for society. They also agreed that many traditional institutions stifled man.

But don't be fooled, because unless you want an abortion, or the right to bum around in parks and protest, Progressives don't care a lick about your liberty.

I don't mean to discourage the young who are enamored of both and like Ron Paul, be consider themselves to probably be 'Progressive'. But, just read more about economics, and history, and keep an open mind.

Above all, ignore those college-aged bullies that are like attack dogs against anyone in their social circle that isn't fully devoted to Progressive causes.

You know, the whiny guys that are deeply offended when you say something 'sexist' as if 'feminism' was a grandparent of theirs who lived through Auschwitz.

You know these people for who they are because their responses aren't of a nature to build bridges and create understanding, but to ridicule and socially ostracize dissenters.

You have been warned.

I see far too much progressive love on Daily Paul. I don't mind inclusion, but I'm here because I care about my liberty.

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Those Progressives

They are as naive as altar boys in a rectory.

Wanting government to be a force for good in the lives of citizens is a noble and humane response to the atrocities of government.

What they do not realize is that those same conditions and issues they whine about are there as a natural part of a central banking system that enslaves governments and nations through debt.

So instead of embracing the man who would END that system, releasing tremendous prosperity for all, ESPECIALLY those who need it most, they complain about his stances on abortion, civil rights, healthcare. etc.

I used to really respect progressives, but I have come the unavoidable conclusion that they are completely lacking in any basic economic understanding of how and why things are as they are.

And when you try to talk them all they can come up with is Tax The Rich!