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We have crossed a line: Ron Paul IS Mainstream

I listened to NPR driving home and Michael Steele was on there with a panel discussing the race, and they spoke highly of Ron Paul. Paul is featured in many recent articles as a serious political person. No longer a fringe candidate.

When they discuss him, they are not discussing looney ideas anymore. Remember the racist stuff? Gone. Remember the conspiracy stuff? Gone.

I really believe we have entered into the main stream now. Last ABC interviewed was void of any fringe stuff.

What are your thoughts...

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Huge improvement vs 2008 but a ways to go

Yes, he's treated seriously as a faction leader in the Republican party who controls an important bloc of voters and has a distinct platform that may get a real hearing. On the other hand he's not taken seriously as a potential nominee, only as a potential kingmaker. We'll see if a couple wins change the tenor of coverage, but for now there's a stark difference between his political coverage and election coverage.