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Help me argue for Ron Paul

I'm relatively new to the Daily Paul as a member, but I've been visiting for over a year. Even though I've been able to convert a few family members and friends, I'm not overly active in trying to persuade people to switch to Ron Paul. A big reason is because I can't articulate my positions well enough. I get all excited and I go into overload mode and many of my arguments turn into a non linear jumbled mess. Are there any links or bullet points of his different issues that I could memorize to help keep me on track? Thanks for the help!

I'm always dropping youtube this or that, and check out this book or that book. I think part of my problem is that go into overload when I'm dealing with people that are just totally politically ignorant. To me, so much of Ron Paul's message is re-education and dealing with all the fallacies that have been engraved into our brains since we were young. When I start talking about some of this stuff I can see them drifting away and I want so bad for them to be interested in what I just told them that it compels them to youtube or google those things that i mention. One of the commenters suggested a tag line of sorts that might help. How about anything in that respect. What have you used to persuade people to look into Ron Paul? Is it all individualized or do you have a clear message that you always use? Thanks again for all the great advice.

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I just found this out. . .

I just found this out today, and it should work on most old people. Say, "Hi, you like baseball, right? Ron Paul is the only Congressman ever to hit a home run over the fence in the Congressional Baseball Games!" Boom! Ron Paul is President in no time!

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Just posted this on another Topic

What I've done in my out and about 'work'
Submitted by Susie 4 Liberty on Fri, 02/10/2012 - 23:46.
is to wear my "Reclaiming America" shirt which has started some really productive interactions. And people understand entirely when I say, "I really appreciate the fact that he's Not for Sale!" For some reason, that produces a spark like no other... And then to follow with the fact that explains why they've fought him so...because they want to continue just what they've been doing: unchecked corruption. And for 'younger' people, 18 to 45 (I've become olden somehow), the idea that he's the only one who holds hope for a future for them...

And, being in person, I say, if I have a Brochure in my purse, would you like to have it? (And they want it, and inevitably, I see them looking - carefully - slowly as they walk away.)

Susie 4 Liberty

I need help with this also

My brother n law,likes everything on Ron Paul but he keeps saying that we are in a new time in our lives and we can not go back to that time because our world is in a total difference place compared to what our founding fathers were in.I am so disgusted with my brother n law I do not know what else to say to him.Yes I did recieve the brochures and gave him one tonight.What is so funny about this is that he sounds just like us and Ron Paul but he keeps saying he will not win.I need some advice maybe I'm going about it the wrong way.I'm a fighter and will not give up!

Here is my style..... try it if you like it.

Lets say you and I have not met, which is 100% true, and we meet for the 1st time.

First the small talk, the weather, the kids, the weather, and then get the common ground.

Then get them talking by asking questions. As they talk, that should make you CURIOUS about THEM. So ask some more questions. The more they talk, the MORE CURIOUS about THEM. You will learn a lot.

Then, out of all that, THEY may drop a political opinion on you. If they never drop one, ask a question, "So how do you feel about this economy?" Then ask so more questions.

(** He who asks the most questions wins**)

If and when they FINALLY lay down a political opinion -- Here is what you do. Pay close attention here.

1) if its an opinion that YOU agree with, stay right there. DO NOT MOVE ON. Stay right there. Then, chime that you Agree. Could not agree more, for this reason: Lay out the libertarian principle (in ONE sentence) that backs THAT position. I REPEAT, ONLY ONE SENTENCE. "Hey, yes I agree with that because I have the right to my life, my liberty and my property, you know my basic human rights." Then go back to talking about the weather, the kids, the baseball game, the car, the wife's cooking...that is all. You are all done. Quickly Back to asking questions and learning about THEM. If another political opinion drops out

2) if its an opinion that YOU cannot agree with, ignore it. Move on. Don't take the bait. Side step it with going back to the weather, the kids, the baseball game, the car, the wife's cooking ...etc. (don't doubt for a second that your AVOIDANCE of his political opinion was not noticed).

3) Ask questions, be interested in THEM. Again, if a political opinion drops out that You can AGREE with, brighten up, Agree, and state in ONE sentence the libertarian principle of why you agree with that opinion. ONE SENTENCE. PERIOD. Then move on.

4) As your relationship friendship grows over time, they will know where you stand and WHY you stand with them on certain issues. Say its gun rights ( you agreed ) and you were dead quiet and changed the subject on the war on drugs when he said, "Dam I wish they would throw all the pushers in jail and throw away the key". You smiled and changed the subject. They will see you do not agree, but they will not put it together. Don't go there, don't put it together for them.

5) Then one day, a joke, a jest, a tease will mean they are now ready to hear WHY you are not down with the war on drugs. Start with where you agree, the Right of Self defense because MY LIFE. MY LIFE, I have a right to defend MY Life, its my body, my life, and nobody is going to make me do anything. --- then let it hang there --- let them put two and two together. Let them ask the question. "I was asking about the drug pushers, don't you want them in jail?" -- Yes, if they are threatening my life. You know, Al Capone bought and sold alcohol, that is it. But because it was illegal, he became a criminal and he was dangerous. But now buying and selling alcohol is peaceful. Its legal. My life is not threatened by legal alcohol sales. So, I don't think my life would be threatened by legal drug sales. That is how I see the issue."

6) Then move on. Do not discuss. Let them discuss with you, listen to their objections. Listen to ALL of them. JUST SMILE. I DON't Agree. I don't Agree, but hey, how about those Patriots during the super bowl? What a pass at the end of the game. And did you see Madonna? ...blah, blah. blah.

7) View principles as "Friendly Vaccinations". Once you deliver the "Friendly Vaccination" principle to your neighbor it will take many months for it to "settle in". SO ONCE you give the principle, back off, back away, and MOVE ON. No lectures, no explaining, no for examples, none of that. Trust me, the more you talk, the more you dilute the power of the Friendly Vaccination" principle that you just delivered.

8) Another good way is to listen to where you agree on some political issue somewhere. THEN START and FINNISH right there. Just work on the REASONS. That is, suggest your reason, and perhaps he/she will like your reason and "2nd it". This is IMPORTANT. The reason is...

9) When you disagree on a political issue, remind them of the reasoned principle that YOU DO AGREE ON and then suggest "its the here too".

10) Follow the 80/20 when talking politics & religion. They talk 80%, you talk 20%, and they will always keep coming back to you for more. And You are counting on them coming back because they will need more "friendly vaccinations" of principle to get their heads straight on the issues. You know the vaccination "took" when they tell you a year later, "I always was against the Drug War". Be polite enough not to tell them otherwise.

I hope that helps.


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
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very well said!

You are absolutely right!

It's really important to LISTEN, learn where they are coming from. They will (subconsciously and maybe even consciously) appreciate that you care enough to listen.

I think your most important point is to make sure we limit the response, not to go on & on (they will lose interest!) unless they ask.

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

To argue for Paul

The best thing would be to first read the constitution, and the Bill of Rights. The key to Ron Paul is the past, and the tradition of reading the constitution in a narrow manner. If you have time, read the Federalist Papers and just as importantly the Anti-Federalist papers.

The Super Brochure helped me

I practiced reading outloud the quotes on the Super Brochure as I was practicing for making my message on my answering machine a Ron Paul commercial, and found that those lines stuck with me, so now when I bring up Ron Paul, it's pretty smooth, and if someone wants to go deeper, all the reading and studying comes into play.

Anyways, you need to RELAX, KNOW, you like Ron Paul, and trust yourself that you can simply tell people, "I like Ron Paul." and if they ask "why?", don't worry about it. The fact you like Ron Paul is all they really need to know. You can even say, "I don't know", or "I don't know how to tell you, because I've learned so much, it's hard to say in only a few words."

I'll tackle the most difficult one first, if your loved ones

lean more to the Right, and are a bit more reticent about Dr.Paul's Foreign Policy:

Pride of Ownership


Pride of Ownership is what a foreign national gets when we DON'T intervene in their affairs. Because then, they do not become our vassal state and feel a 'sense of obligation' to be our little puppets.

Much like say, you want to be the best welder possible. You can learn on your own. But a couple of rounds of trial and errors will at least give one a perspective on what you do want or need, when a great mentor comes along.

But, to me a great mentor is someone who may compel you to challenge yourself to see things differently, and sometimes in an act of rebellion in an attempt to disprove that challenge, the process, the struggle, the journey to disprove before you find out, even IF your mentor were right in the first place, you get to OWN that journey. That knowledge gained is yours, forever and no one can take that away from you: Pride of Ownership.

Similarly, when another nation intervenes to affect 'independence' in another country, those people, at least the critical thinkers and politicos would ALWAYS wonder how it would have turned out, without our intervention. So they NEVER get to truly OWN their independence. Those who intervened ultimately do.

In the simplest terms, the dynamic is that of the parent that never let go. Or more accurately, it's an older brother whose parents died, so took it upon himself to become the father at age 10 to his younger siblings, and even when they all grew up, he was never their brother, but a parent. And since it's become a hierarchic relationship, he never bothered to change.

Doug Wead's videos provided in the link above may also provide some insight as to how to boil down complex issues into the simplest terms. He truly is a master communicator.

Generally though, when I truly do choose to exercise patience and are determined to convert at all costs, I personally approach all human problems psychologically, because they always are.

For a culture that feels free to yammer on about anything mundane to the serious without much consternation, I always find it amusing that almost without fail, anytime someone begins to criticize politics that run counter to their own, people ALWAYS get offended. No one is immune, including myself. But it is to be expected. As politics are a manifestation of one's world view. So when someone attacks some figure that they've convinced themselves to represent those views, when they're attacked, by proxy they're also attacking you.

Oddly, aside from 'soccer hooligans' who are in a class all by themselves, even the most zealous sports fan typically do not get offended when his favorite team is criticized in the way that they'd respond if someone attacked or criticized their politics.

So, having said that, like all sales, it's looking to satisfy what THEY NEED, or if you're a master communicator, make them THINK what 'they need.'

The foundation of Madison Ave. advertising is taking what you ALREADY possess within you, then prepping you by attacking that trait to make one feel insecure to create an artificial need to fulfill, then provide a pre-made product that their clients are willing to sell back to their potential customers, you, at a price.

Same for politics. For the GOP the Kill the Brown People, anyone can become a billionaire, low taxes, no regulations except for those written by their Wall St. Bankster sugadaddies, IS their brand. And in the grand tradition of the Hegelian Dialectic, Dem is supposed to be the opposite, even though they're both funded by the same banksters.

So what is the Doc's brand? As cheesy as it may sound, to me, it's the Truth. He is the one politician I do not feel I have to sell, but simply REVEAL.

His record is so pristine, it's almost too easy.

Back to addressing your loved ones' concerns, ask WHY it is that they FEAR him. Use emotive terms, because they're subconsciously responding to you in a purely emotional way: fear.

What do they truly fear about what Ron would do, or not do that they're so afraid.

Case in point. When Bachmann LIED about how 'Iran will have nukes in matter of months! And, IF she became Pres, that will never happen.' Well, even if she were to be inaugurated in Jan 2013, by her logic, Iranians should have nukes before Halloween in 2012. So I'd recommend comparing constant nonsensical contradictions in statements of the other 3 RINO losers, for added effect.

Gingrich has NO support. His is purely bought. Ask if they want another billionaire like Soros buying OUR Presidency, just because his name is Sheldon.

Also, I also love asking: tell me, is Tel Aviv located in Iowa? Is Hebron located in Florida? Is Jerusalem located in California?


So Why the HELL do I give a damn what happens?

If they are so worried about poor old 'weakling' 500+ nukes-possessing Israel, tell them that number over and over. Like "Did you hear me say that Israel has 500+ nukes vs. Iran's 1 or 2 maybes? I repeat: Israel has 500+ nukes! 500+! I repeat: Israel has 500+ nukes! 500+! I repeat: Israel has 500+ nukes! 500+!" just for annoyance.o)

If that don't work play out this scenario. Israel is tiny. Iran is ginormous. And, their proximity is such that Iran DOES NOT NEED nukes, just conventional warhead dropping down on Israel to wipe her out, if that was always their plan. If they're such crazed people, why aren't they doing it already? Besides, here's exactly what IS likely to happen IF Israel decides a nuclear 1st strike against Iran:

1. Iran will drop all their conventional munitions into Israel, it'll be wiped off. But in return, Israel may pull a nuke Hail Mary and launch the remainder of their nuclear arsenal.

2. By then, Pakistan will join in, so will Russia and China because as soon as either Russia or China even remotely detects a nuke flying in the atmosphere above, their counter measures will launch.

And, frankly I don't know how secure or up to date their systems are, but even during GWB's regime, I konw for fact that Russia had an auto-fail safe in case of a American nuclear 1st strike, they have a 500 ICBM Hail-Mary on standby. They figure they're doomed anyway, so why let their enemy off easy? It's scary, but yes, the Ruskies still have over 500 nukes directed at specific American cities!

3. Only Dr. Paul would not join in the fray and keep escalating it into a thermo-nuclear WWIII, but if that same Ruskie system go bonkers and those 500 launch, he'll have to launch in response.

Because if Grinch, Frothy, or even Romney (whom I do not sense that he's as crazed, just spineless, but under pressure and to prove what a pussy he is not, he'll do it) will all launch nukes in return, IF they sense any counter attack by Iran against Israel's nuclear 1st strike against them.

4. It literally will be the end of Israel as we know it, IF one of the other three get in. We have suicidal and murderous maniacs running for offices, as well as the sane Israelis who actually have to deal with their own version of neocons there: the Likudniks

5. Israel will have kickstarted another generation of AntiSemitic sentiments worldwide, as nuclear particulates spread everywhere, making Fukushima look like a cake walk.

6. it literally will be the end of the world as we know it, IF Frothy, Grinch or WRONGney gets in.

The ultimate 'Fear Card:' yup, recommend that they vote for one of the three RINO neocon losers, IF they want to see the end of the world where their last sunset will be a burst of gamma ray, by which it would be too late, anyway.

Hope that helps.o)

PS. Though I believe the most effective way to 'convert' someone to Dr. Paul and the Freedom philosophy, is simply reliving in your mind how you yourself 'woke up.'

Sometimes sharing that experience alone and stressing what that process FELT like to someone, just relaying a an unspoken sense like 'hey, why or what made this guy get SO enthused about a skinny granpa from Texas who's been talking about the same stuff for so long?'

Sometimes the mere impact of laying seed, so it can bloom on its own is, just you being enthusiastic and retelling HOW you yourself got to where you are today, politically.

Frankly to most, that impression last far more than litany of scrolling off facts to someone. When their mind's closed it's just noise. But an emotional impression has a way of 'infecting' someone.o)

Good luck!

By the way, your Bonnie and Clyde pix ROCKS!

Welcome to the R3VOLution!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Wow, that was a lot to take in, but

very informative. Definitely agree with the pride of ownership and of course thats exactly what I feel... pride in my discovery of Dr. Paul and his message. I want so badly to be the person to give someone else the kick in the ass so they can discover that same pride. Haven't watched the wead vids yet, but I'm sure I'll learn a lot from the zen master. Thanks, and we love that pic too!!

LOL come to think of it,

all I really wanted to say was:

1. Pride of Ownership
2. Find what how emotionally your loved ones respond, when you ask them what it is that they fear
3. World will literally end, when one of the three RINOs get in
4. I distinctly remember reminding myself to keep it short. lol

I just wanted provide some context; gee, look where that got me.o)


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

I have a similar problem

I post Ron Paul all over Facebook, but I'm afraid to actually talk about him, specifically because of my fear of going into teenaged-fangirl mode and gushing all over (and I'm a 30+-year-old mother of 3) without logic or articulation, and thus scare everybody away. Right now, I think you're doing great. The only education someone can get is their own education. Just putting the idea of looking Ron Paul up should be enough. When the people who know you decide to look into Ron Paul on their own, that's when you really win.

Another idea is to have one sentence for why you support him. One that I've heard before, and which I plan on using if I need to, is "Ron Paul is a good, honest, wise man who will keep his oath of office."

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Ahh…not sure what problems

Ahh…not sure what problems you are facing but I posted this piece on economic fallacies which may help you if you are having economic problems.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke


Very helpful for just about any question, especially when arguing electronically with the ease of copy and paste for each topic.

Here is a neat version of the show

with a black background, perfect for watching on the Internet:


Spread this all over the world


I am/was a big fan of the judge. Shame to see freedom watch go. Did my best to explain how this was possible to my mom, and I think it was one the things that changed her mind.

Understanding the Chronology I put together...

here will help in explaining the background of Ron Paul's foreign policy truth telling.


Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

excellent article.

Its been bookmarked!

I find that Dr. Jack Kerwick

I find that Dr. Jack Kerwick is great at responding to criticisms of Ron Paul. You can browse his articles for great responses to Ron’s critics.

But two articles especially stand out.

What Ron Paul Should Say on Foreign Policy

What Ron Paul Should Say: Part II

These are good. But also browse through his other work, as he goes after Ron’s critics, which may help you form a good response to charges against Ron.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke


Excellent articles.

reedr3v's picture

If you have not already read Liberty Defined,

I'd recommend it as a comprehensive survey of RP's views in digestible, clear presentation. Also the website libertydefined.org covers the topics.

The best way to do it

The best way to argue for him is to simply know more than your opponent or listener knows. Just keep watching videos of people who have similar views. Watch Judge Nap, Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, Michael Scheuer, Walter Williams, Lew Rockwell, Phil Giraldi, and many others, and don't forget to listen to as much of Ron Paul as you can. Study up on the Constitution. Really, that's the best way to argue for his positions, just know them really well. There aren't really any tricks to do it well.

I think that part of the problem for me is

that I have watched hundreds of videos, and read books by of all those people, except Phil Giraldi (I'll get on that), and when I start arguing they all rush into my head at once, and thats where I bog down. I can definitely brush up on the Constitution, and I intend to. Appreciate the advice.

Learn to organize your thoughts.

Maybe you're having a hard time staying focused on one particular subject. Having a lot of knowledge on an issue still doesn't mean that you can convey it well, if you can't order it logically. Maybe that's your problem? I don't know.

If you need to brush up on

If you need to brush up on the constitution, check out the new release on the constitution: The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke

just ordered it


Have them watch this video: It's beyond words


Sit with them; watch it twice. Then, have fun discussing the potential. It sets him apart from everyone.