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GOOGLE showing MAINE @ 100% Must be a mistake!


It appears google is testing or has the "final" results posted online, got screen shot. Be interesting to see what the true final results look like.

Date shows 2-11-2012 (Tommorow)

Romney 45.7% 5,489
Gingrich 33.5% 4,022
Paul 10.5% 1,263
Santorum 9.7% 1,165

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screen shot link

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100% Reporting.. Just like they did in NV: Romney won a day

early and it was preprinted and leaked. Bull Shi%.


i think only Surgtorum can be in the 2nd place with his 3 wins, not Newt.
but then again, what is the explanation ?
i dont think Google being in on this thing.

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Why on earth would GOOGLE

Why on earth would GOOGLE need to test ANYTHING of theirs that is not still in it's beta testing phases? There were no screenshots like this before the other states (or am I wrong). But, then again, maybe no one was looking. Or, even better, could someone have been smart enough to test the code (over at Google) with suspicion of malicious code? I hope the latter case is true because that would mean the suckers got caught!

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The screen

is zeroed out now, I wonder if they know we caught it?

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Thanks for taking that screen shot.

Wonder what the evil traitors are up tp?? Doesn't look like they are up to anything good. WE ARE WATCHING EVERYTHING THEY DO. ON THE GROUND AND ON THE NET. WE ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!
And it's al being recorded! Caucus votes and everything those SOBS!

the only bad thing

is their is no proof of the current date. The screen shot says the 11th but it was actually taken the 10th.

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The screenshot says it was posted 4 hours ago

The screenshot indicates when it was posted plus this post here on daily paul has a date on it anyone who cares to know can verify that this is real.

I took the screen shot....

minutes before I posted, approx 30 minutes before that it was at zero, today being the 10th and the screen shot was showing the 11th which is the date that google had on the page with teh 100% results. I'm sure it was a test or accident using inaccurate data, I dont believe it is much of anything other than just test information. Hoever I thought I would document it and compare to final results. I'm not 100% sold on any conspiracy theory thus far, however there have certainly been lots of human errors at many levels of the process in each state including low turnout of the younger voters.

Why would younger voters turn

Why would younger voters turn up for rallies but not turn out for voting. It doesn't make sense.

It's Okay Now

Enough people caught this that the results can't possibly match tomorrow or even neocons will suspect something's crooked.

Downvote Thread

Downvote, do not reply, let it die. This is not helping anything and we don't need people going crazy writing Google 1,000 emails on something that's probably false or fake. In all likelihood this is probably a test or something.

What's the press going to say when they have a story about us freaking out for nothing?

The counties aren't even outlined. Use your brains. Let this die guys.


I was simply posting what I saw, including the fact that I stated that it was probably test data. Simply documented to compare to the true final results.


This has been happening all election season. We saw fraud in Iowa and Nevada especially. Why would you give them the benefit of the doubt about this?? This is REAL! They just showed their hand! The GOP has been rigging these things all year so far, and finally we have some solid evidence!!!

The majority of the vote isn't until tomorrow, so this is a SLIP!

same here

saw this about an hour ago, and it had the results with 100% reporting. Ben has a screen shot of it


drudge BOMB this!


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Wow, I checked this link about an hour ago...

And it showed the 100% totals with Paul in third ect ect. Now it says zero percent showing.LMAO

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Mine now shows 0% reporting

Mine now shows 0% reporting X2 after I rereshed the page???

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They Switched Romney for Paul

They Switched Romney for Paul and Newt For Romney.

the total percentage matches the watchthevote2012 site, but they have the candidates mixed up.



I saved a screen shot on my computer as well.
Watch The Vote is most important to share with other voters. We are drawing the line in the sand and will see who continues to step over it. The republican party will either destroy itself or will change for the betterment of Americans. I hope the future delegates stay late and have fun! ; )

Nullify and set your self free!

The GOP establishment in

The GOP establishment in Maine just blew a very loud fart that did not go unnoticed....

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Its 100% false

Its 100% votes there are still about 40-50% of people to caucus tomorrow and we dont need to discourage maine ron paul voters when we are actually leading in votes..

No mistake

...we on the Daily Paul live in a time warp. We are actually 24 hours behind the rest of the world. Hold on a minute while I search for my tin-foiled hat! :)

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It has tomorrows date???????? There are more caucuses tmorrow!!! Rigging results ahead of time are they???? WTF!!!!!!!!

On Another Thread

This sort-of-thing was established as a, TEST.

:- )

Beep beep beep beep beep


This is a Test, This is only a Test.

A couple of caucuses ago, I thought the same thing.
But it's only a test. You'll notice it the day before next caucus it'll have odd numbers again.

At Least..

They could have put Ron Paul as the WINNER... while testing!

Is this some kind of ploy?

To show fake results like this to make the clueless vote for Mitt or something?

I'm just trying to get this straight, Maine voters can still vote tomorrow correct?

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