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Strategies for dispensing campaign slim jims

Anybody have good idea on dispensing campaign slim jims? I like to be an activist and get out the vote, but I'm not a people person.

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Stick them in the crevasses and app holders on GAS PUMPS.

I do this every time I get gas.

Yes, great question,

How about bulletin boards! I see and use them all over town.

Bulletin boards are particularly prevalent at universities.They are used by many sports groups and also advertisements by extracurricular groups and anything from local shops to official notices. Dormitory corridors, well-trafficked hallways, lobbies, and freestanding kiosks often have cork boards attached to facilitate the posting of notices. At some universities, lampposts, bollards, trees, and walls often become impromptu posting sites in areas where official boards are sparse in number. www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulletin_board

also; laundromats, grocery stores, bus stop, Dr. office, post office, mail box stores, very important: Health Food Stores

hope this helps.

Interact with voters one on one

What has been described in this post series are easy to do and it takes the "reservation" away for those who can't bring themselves to walking their precincts. However, nothing beat personal contact, eye to eye.... I remember every conversation I had with people who actually gave us a few mins to engage a conversation. I was carrying a Paul sign walking outside of a mall, a middle aged gentleman volunteered to me: "Ron Paul has my vote". Another person said he is republican but would not vote for Paul but he is very friendly (not indifferent). So I asked him what bothers him about Paul. I said the reason we are talking our personal time to support him is that it is beyond a presidential election, it is about winning the heart, mind and soul of american people. I think he listened to those words and felt my sincerity and he gladly took a Paul brochure. I always genuinely thank people who are even just a little bit receptive. A local dry cleaner kindly let me put up a Ron Paul sign on his glass door. He said he vote republican but Ron Paul's age is a concern. I do not push him as he already offered me support with the sign. We gave our family friend a yard sign she gladly put up and she would also help giving out super brochures with people she run into and she is a good talker. A lady said she likes some of Paul's ideas and has not seen canvassing from other candidates in her town but she said keep up the good work. For me the interactions with real people really made the experience worthwhile.

other placement ideas

Inside of outgoing mail including bills
Into newspapers or magazines in offices, stands, airports, and checkout counters
Taped or wedged behind flags of rural mailboxes but not inside
Placed upright in front of cash registers at McDonalds
Coiled under doorhandles of cars or under their windshield wiper
Into back pockets of mens' pants on sales racks
Slide into packages, e.g. envelopes or twelve packs, at Wal-Mart
In library books for bookmarks
Taped or wedged on gas pumps
Never accept Witness literature from Jehovah Witnesses unless they accept RP brochures.

Always keep some brochures in the door of your car and a roll of tape in the glove compartment to display brochures.

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Gas station restrooms, mall

Gas station restrooms, mall restrooms, in magazines at the library that have political articles......

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

Leave them on cars in parking

Leave them on cars in parking lots, shopping carts in supermarkets, bus stops, etc.



Thomas M. Gallion

that was a nice video.

that was a nice video. People are told R.P. is crazy for abolishing the income tax.