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GOP Postpones Maine "Super Caucus" in Washington County to February 18 Due to Snow Storm

GOP Postpones Maine "Super Caucus" in Washington County to February 18 Due to Snow Storm..

Bangor Mine News

the state party's caucus schedule showing the postponement:

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The Bangor Maine link is an

The Bangor Maine link is an opportunity to post up info about Ron Paul, and urge them to vote. They don't know you aren't from Maine.
Just click Politics, scroll down center page to the Ron Paul article, and comment away. I posted a long comment, and urged them to bring their friends, relatives, and neighbors to the caucuses.
There are a few misinformed to take on there also.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

It's only Washington County that claims this possible

postponement not the whole state!! I would edit your post so it's more clearer for the people to understand. And I would still show up because I'm sure they are pulling a fast one!

This could very well be not true

The weather report for maine is 1 cm of snow for Saturday and nothing for Sunday... So let's not get overly excited here...

1 cm ? Are you writing from the UK ?

We gotta get entirely back to American standard I'm sick and tired of having to use an 11 cm wrench when a 3/4 should be all I need. To hell with liters, meters and centimeters I
say !!! Her Highness can shove em where the sun doesn't shine.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow


You are aware that inches is the imperial system from England right? You know... pounds, miles, inches, feet, etc. They gave it to us and then abandoned it. The USA is the last country on Earth still using the shitty imperial system. The rest of the world has rightly moved on to the far more logical metric system.

YOU are aware that it makes

YOU are aware that it makes you look like a pretentious twit to belittle people for prefeerring the Imperial system, right?

It has advantages and disavantages. If you don't see if, I won't try to explain it becuase I don't think your brain can handle it.

3/4" = 19mm

And.. you can blame the French for metric. The poms had nothing to do with it.

Not canceled, postponed due to snowstorm

Here's the Bangor News:


And the state party's caucus schedule showing the postponement:


Washington County


All towns, unless otherwise listed, will be participating at the countywide caucus in East Machias.

February 18th, 1:30 P.M.
Washington Academy
East Machias

Thanks Valley Forge

Postponed due to snow storm...copy that..

I should point out

This took all of 3 seconds to Google. Why do I have to debunk your conspiracy theories if you can't be troubled to do basic research?

it's obvious why

Probably because you can't be believed. Anyone at ValleyForge obviously worked for a future president (and the bum who put down the Whiskey Rebellion, which was a much, much better group of partiers than any mere Tea Party) AND because anyone at ValleyForge obviously is too friggin' old to do anything but fetch the flies.


Because even if it isn't true, it doesn't hurt to get vocal.



Have they said WHY it was postponed??

Bet a lot of people would like to know

Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In The LORD Jesus Christ;

"where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty." 2 Cor. 3:17


Don't Know..Working on it

I put money it has to do with Ron Paul winning big..




..those people will try anything and everything.

Contact Us

Charlie Webster- Chairman


Michelle Dale- Assistant to the Chairman


Michael Quatrano- Executive Director


9 Higgins Street
Augusta, ME 04330
Phone 207.622.6247
Fax 207.6235322

You know what to do.

"You know what to do."

Yep: be polite and respectful and get your facts lined up before sounding off -- IOW, act like Ron Paul does.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

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Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012