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Fox News Admits Ron Paul Is Obama's Biggest Threat

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If Ron Paul is the nominee

then Obama will have to WORK to try and beat him.

All the others are easy pickins'.

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Neil is fair and balanced...Fox is not

When the MSM was ignoring Dr. Paul, especially Fox News, Neil did step up and did said this:

Then when he got criticized for it, he went on and said this: http://www.foxbusiness.com/on-air/cavuto/index.html#/v/13409...

He has my respect as an individual that stands up for what is right.

I think

Neil is a closet RP supporter

Ron Paul IS Obama's biggest threat.

Obama is SCARED of Ron Paul. He sees him as the big threat. He is trying to do everything Ron Paul has been talking about.

Why do you think in the past 5 or 6 weeks

1. Obama started talking about closing military bases in Germany?

2. Obama started talking about shrinking the size of the government
by combining some departments and downsizing other

3. Obama started talking about ending combat operations in
Afghanistan by the middle of next year?

It's because he is afraid he is not going to get his youth vote. He won't be the cool guy getting all the young people's votes. He's not the hipster anymore.

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Yup, but we KNOW this time around that Obm only. . .

TALKs about what youngsters want to hear.

NO more peace-prizes for warmongering dictator!

Few Points

1. This is a great clip which could be continuously on the Front Page
2. It's around Month old clip, but great that it gets attention again on DP
3. It's not Fox News, but Fox Business. That is a very big difference as Fox News has a huge audience, Fox Business not so much

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Even less since they cancelled The Judge


This should be clarified

It might just be me, but he seems to be saying more that Dr. Paul is a threat to obama's reelection campaign as a third party candidate.

IE. Mitt will take it from Obama because of Paul.

I'm not really impressed with this.

He did mention that, but I

He did mention that, but I think it was just to illustrate a point he was making.


THAT'S RIGHT!!!!!!!!

Finally telling the truth are they?

Amazing they tell some truth for once.


Yes, he's a rockstar. He should be our President.

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Brilliant article that explains why we love Dr. Paul:

Thats so cool. Ron Paul is a

Thats so cool.

Ron Paul is a Rock Star!!



I can't believe I just saw

I can't believe I just saw that on Fox.

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Im surprised by Neil

I always thought he was a snake but he has been one of the more fair to Dr Paul than most on Fox