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Gearing Up for World War III

“If you want the truth to stand clear before you, never be for or against. The struggle between “for” and “against” is the mind’s worst disease.” – Sent-ts’an

Trade sanctions, in a global economy (like we operate in), could be considered an act of war. The embargo on the import of Iranian oil by the European Union has significant implications for all of us. Iran – the supplier of oil for India, China, and Russia – is being forced to take an action. Either they will stand up for themselves, they will get assistance from China (who are already negotiating with them), or the desires of the West will effectively replace the regime in an act that we have seen time and time again. All of this is a sure bet that the United States is getting its nose into some pretty bad business. Is this about democracy? Is this about terrorism? Is this about elite control of resources and wealth?

India’s Population: 1,170,938,000
China’s Population: 1,338,299,500
Russia’s Population: 141,750,000
European Union’s Population: 490,426,060
Total: 3,141,413,560
United States’ Population: 307,000,000

The United States is just 9.8% of this entire population of people who will be drastically affected by an oil embargo in the Strait of Hormuz. Which makes one think about our foreign policy. And why we keep intervening when our country is broke (15 trillion dollars – we cannot even “produce” our way out of this at this point). And why we keep purchasing foreign oil when we have our own oil and energy resources to develop. And why we keep arming regimes, helping other regimes, then over-throwing those regimes that we arm and help, in the name of democracy while killing thousands and thousands of innocent people and calling the lives of our troops expendable, and the deaths from these continual interventions “collateral damage”. I am sick of it.

If this is about oil – we need to take a look at what we are doing right here in our own country. Renewable resources, coal, oil, and gas – are all readily available for us to take advantage of – why aren’t we? We need jobs, right? Why are we shooting ourselves in the foot and meddling in other countries affairs?

If this is about control of resources – why is the United States the supreme dictator of sovereign nations’ resources? What made us better than everyone else? Can’t these countries make decisions and make mistakes without our guidance and leadership? They may actually want that.

The argument back will always be a fear-based, war-mongering approach of “They are out to get us, kill us, etc., so we must stop them before they do!”. Well, what if we don’t have any money to do that? What would the smart approach be? How about developing our own country’s resources so we are not as dependent upon foreign oil? How about working on a sound currency and monetary policy that does not allow the power elites to print money, create inflation (the most insidious of taxes), and erode the American people’s wealth through a central bank called the Federal Reserve? How about bringing our troops home to build our own national defense (not offense) and protect our own people, and protect our own borders?

Why does this sound so extreme when it is what Jesus Christ would tell us to do? Jesus Christ was someone who believed in the truth, in loving thy neighbors, in exercising peace and dialogue. Why are we not taking the high road and acting like better neighbors? Why aren’t we trying out the golden rule for a change? This interventionist stuff is not working – isn’t that obvious? The United States has been at war basically since its inception. And maybe that is not a good thing – there are other countries that do very well from a quality of life standpoint that are very peaceful. We can attack others who attack us, but we have the military capability and might to isolate the “bad guys” – we do not need to occupy other countries’ sovereign lands and kill innocent people indiscriminately. Not to mention create more pain and problems from the weapons of war.

If you think I am a “softie” by saying this, let me reaffirm that I think that every American should be armed – I think the federal government should arm them (actually Constitutionally mandated in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 16), and I think we need to protect our country. If someone attacks us from abroad, we can constitutionally use the Letters of Marque and Reprisal to isolate them and have them punished. And if we do need to go to war, it can be declared by Congress – which is constitutional – and not what we have done most recently with the “wars” that we are in.

I want my fellow Americans to be the healthiest, strongest, and most liberated people in the world, and I want us to create the economic soil that must be amended in order for our seeds of prosperity to grow. And we can start this by responsibly using our own resources, and stop participating in actions that will create the next world war. That is why we need to elect new representatives into Congress – people with a stake in the game, people who live and work in this country and want to see our nation have sound economic growth so that our children and grand-children can enjoy exercising free will, personal responsibility, having private property rights, and living with civil liberties that make us free. This is why I am running for the United States House of Representatives – to amend the soil for future generations, and to use this country’s resources for our own economic well-being and benefit.

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I will give you my guess on why we don't drill for oil

oil is pegged to the dollar, the Middle East is the obvious big supplier of oil in the world, so we tell the Middle East, keep only accepting American dollars for oil and America will not drill any oil, dropping the price of your oil, and that is where we are today. We can't drill because we print, we can't do both or the others will stop playing nice with us until their oil runs out, then I don't know what plan B is. We print the money that is pegged to oil but we don't produce the oil, this can be the only reason.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

A few questions...

Concerning abortion- exactly what's your position as your website isn't clear about the topic?

Concerning- Guantanamo. Should the prisoners held there be given a public trial?

Concerning NDAA- should the President be allowed to indefinitely detain US citizens (or anyone for that matter) without trial?

Concerning The Patriot Act- are you for any part of it?

What does this mean? "She has developed a reputation as a leader throughout Colorado" "Leader" of what?

According to Michael Ruppert the ANWR only has around 8 months of oil reserves to supply the full needs of the US. The reason we get oil from the Middle East is because it's the cheapest. Forget the nationalism talk and America's energy independence initiative. If the US wanted to be energy independent economic circumstances would have arranged the situation easily. That stuff was covered quite effectively back in the early 1970s with the same result. Coal and Coalification are great ideas but can you imagine how everyone would freak out having to drive Diesels? It would be fun, though.

I appreciate what you are saying

I've been giving this subject allot of thought.

In my area, people like to assert themselves as "Locals". They have license plate holders that state, "Local" which is very popular, but what's even more popular is a round sticker that has a silohette of an oil derek with a red circle and backslash, to mean NO OIL DRILLING. Most of these people are liberals, and many of them drive Prius, but it's a very popular sticker. Many of them also have Peace stickers on their cars. When I see these cars I wonder, "Do they see their elitest hypocracy?" They are driving oil/gas engines and advertizing they don't want to drill for oil/gas here, and they don't want war for oil/gas anywhere, so what are they doing? Are they awake? I think not.

What makes it worse, is these people think they are smart, and perhaps they are in many ways, but they would be highly offended for someone to point out their hypocracy.

I should also say, these people love to speed, break the speed limit, and beofre I slapped Ron Paul all iver my car, they would tail gate, to pressure me to go faster and break the speed limit. I'v been wanting to take them on for some time.

This is a very scenic area, and now, Thanmks to George Bush, our coastline is Parklands. Both state senators, Feinstein and Boxer have worked hard to preserve the CA coast's veiws, and disable drilling.

It seems many want to eat cake and look at it too. It seems the majority. As long as the drilling and wars are not here, but over there... seems everything is OK. As long as gas prices are under $4.00 Gal. Everything is OK.

Seems you and a few like you know better. GOOD LUCK!

You know this whole oil thing is bogus!

I'm Canadian and no one here is talking about how in Canada they found an even larger oil deposit in Saskatchewan that is larger than the one in Fort MacMurray!!! And Fort MacMurray is the largest oil deposit in the world "so called"!
The Saskatchewan oil deposit that they found a decade ago north of La Rouge, SK is considered to be 100 times larger than Fort MacMurray!!!

I've also read articles that state that the US doesn't have to worry about oil any more because they found 2 massive oil deposits in Alaska! Each containing 100 years worth of oil!

So it's not the strait of hormuz that's gonna cause the spike it's the oil companies in general, because they don't want to produce to much at once so they can keep the demand high which means the cost is higher as well! So the oil companies are really hoping for the strait of hormuz to close so they can spike the cost of oil on purpose! All they will do is just not raise the amount of production of oil in the US off our shores to bring the costs down and they have it in the bag with the prices! Cause they(Domestic US oil companies) know once the strait closes the US will buy more oil from them, but since they are not going to increase their supply the cost will end up being much higher than what it should be for oil.

Anyways that's what I think is going on with this war propaganda. It's about how to sell domestic oil for a high price, and they found a way by closing the strait of hormuz and them boom! They have it in the bag!

Google up....

Oil Discovery at Gull Island off the coast of Alaska and read what Rev. Williams has to say about it.

We are being kept dependent on foreign oil from the middle east for a reason.

Minnesota Mary