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Iran returns drone to US (kind of)

Last year Iran confiscated a US RQ-170 drone that was allegedly in its airspace. Obama demanded they return it. Now they are -- except that the drone they are returning is pink, and a toy, and is mounted on a stand that's engraved "we will step on the United States". Apparently Obama is getting sent one of these toys via the Swiss embassy.

"We decided to show that we can deal with this issue in a very friendly and peaceful manner and put it in the playful hands of the children of Iran to pursue a 'soft war' with Mr. Obama and the US. This was the aim of producing this aircraft"

read more (includes picture of toy): http://rt.com/usa/news/iran-us-drone-obama-933/

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This can't be real

There is no way the leaders of Iran would send a message like this.

It's not the leaders.

The toy itself looks real -- reuters video here: http://www.infowars.com/iran-sends-toy-drone-to-obama/

It sounds like this is an Iranian toy company doing this, not an official act of the Iranian government.

Will probably become a valuable collector's item

if you can get your hands on one.