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Ben Swann FaceBook Page...Google Showing Results Already In in Maine...with Screen Shot!

This may have been posted already but just in case...Ben Swann is reporting on his Facebook that the results are in, WITH PROOF! The site is going crazy right now - He has captured a screen shot of Google reporting the results of the Maine caucus, 24 hours before the have been voted on!

Ben's Facebook page - see screen shot

Google Page has it changed back to zero

Viral - Viral - Viral!!!!

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the original post is incorrect and should be deleted

Mr. Swann is late.

That is a test by Google, it's been reported on a long time ago, for another state.

This post wastes time and shouldn't be here.

Please delete it.

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for the love of all things slow-moving

it was a test, let it go.

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Testing??? HMMM

I wonder

This is a Google Test

Google has been doing this test the day before each caucus.

Yes, I freaked out the first time I saw it several caucuses back, but it is only a Google System Test.

At around midnight, the day of, the numbers will be set to 0.0% reporting (0/600) [Maine].

It's OK....it's Only A Test.


Send this to local news stations and spread this far and wide!
We must force their hand!

Downvote Thread

Downvote, do not reply, let it die. This is not helping anything and we don't need people going crazy writing Google 1,000 emails on something that's probably false or fake. In all likelihood this is probably a test or something.

What's the press going to say when they have a story about us freaking out for nothing?

The counties aren't even outlined. Use your brains. Let this die guys.

Magic of the interweb

.. allowing data to time travel so we can see the future, and change it for the better. Thanks Google!



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