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Wo Wo Wo! Google Reporting Maine's Tomorrow Results Tonight?!

Edit: I took a screen shot within 10 minutes ago showing what the link shows. What's going on here?!

Guys! People brought this to the attention of Ben Swann.

Click the link to his Facebook photo to see that Google already reported on Maine results?!


If you click the link below it will send you to where this was originally found although it goes from 600/600 reporting to 0%. I've seen both!

Bump and send to Drudge!


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LOL ...probably just a bug.

LOL ...probably just a bug. But why do we always wind up on the wrong end of such things? Why wait for tommorrows election results when you can have them today? LOL

Maine's results

Well , anyone could photoshop this . I see Ron Paul at a slim first place or a close second . Gingrich is finished and Santorum won't find any dumb people in Maine .... But I'll keep a copy of it and post it around .



Senator Peter Schiff 2016

Romney, then Gingrich?

Mind boggling. How long are people going to let this go on? If the results come out this way tomorrow night, the campaign better start taking this seriously... very seriously.

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